ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

When authors want to "adapt" an ANR publication

Handling adapted publications

Occasionally ANR authors wish to shorten, reorganize and adapt their previously published ANR publication so it can appear in a different format, such as online. As part of their responsibilities, ANR Associate Editors must determine whether these adapted manuscripts need a new peer review or they can be produced as is.

Step 1—Authors
Authors print out the ANR Publication Adaptation Approval form, fill it out, scan and email it—along with the newly adapted manuscript—to the Associate Editor. Changes to the manuscript should be made in such as way that the Associate Editor can easily see what information was deleted, moved or added. Using the “Track Changes” option in Microsoft Word works well for this.

Step 2—Associate Editors
Associate Editors look over the adapted manuscript and contact the author with a decision:
_____ This adaptation does not require further ANR peer review. You may now send your manuscript to Ann Senuta, publications manager at Communication Services for production with this signed form.
_____ This adaptation requires additional ANR peer review. I will begin this process and communicate with you on its progress.

Note that either decision requires a very different action on the part of the Associate Editor.

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