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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

New publication review

Peer review of photographs and artwork

Charts, graphs, and tables and all photographs and line drawings that provide important technical content (such as identification of a pest or plant) are considered part of text and must be peer reviewed with the text. However, illustrations and/or photographs provided for aesthetic purposes or seasonal photographs not yet available do not have to be sunmitted for peer review. If seasonal photos are not included, authors should describe the missing photograph or provide caption information.

Authors can place low-resolution versions of their photos in their Word manuscript for review purposes. (Downsizing larger files is important; The online review system has a 23 MG file upload size limit.) If authors have shot photos in high resolution and need instruction on how to create low-res versions of them, see the blog post "Are your images just too big?," which explains a new Communication Services' tool for downsizing photos. Or authors can attach individual photos as separate files to their manuscript.

Note: If there are many, many photos with a manuscript, Communication Services can produce photo CDs from original slides so AEs can send photos to reviewers separately rather than as attachments. Contact CS Media Librarian Evett Kilmartin for this service.

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