ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

MF-21 submittal form

The MF-21 submittal form is like the little plastic bracelet put on the wrist of a patient entering a hospital. That bracelet holds critical information about the patient, and it stays on until the patient gets discharged for home.

The MF-21 is attached to an ANR manuscript from its first step into the online peer review system, through peer review and afterwards into publication production at Communication Services. It holds critical information about the manuscript and how the author wishes the manuscript to be produced. Just as important are the signature lines, which are signed electronically and affirm that peer review is complete and that appropriate pesticide warnings are used if need be. It also reminds authors that copyright of the submitted material belongs to the UC Regents.

Without an Associate Editor signature on an MF-21, Communication Services CANNOT begun the publication's production.

A PDF of the MF-21 can be viewed here. Live versions of this form are found in the online review system attached to each manuscript. 

Why "MF-21"? When Ann Senuta inherited the MF-21 Submittal Form—which used to be printed on bright heavy paper—and inquired what "MF" meant, she learned it stood for "miscellaneous form." That was such a wonderfully straight-faced bureaucratic label that she kept its name.

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