ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

AE Peer Review Manual

Ad hoc Associate Editors

At times, an ad hoc Associate Editor needs to be named. This is necessary when an AE goes on sabbatic leave or is otherwise unable to fulfill his/her duties for a period of time. It is also necessary to peer review a manuscript written or co-written by the AE.

When a manuscript is written by an Associate Editor to become an ANR publication, the AE should inform the Associate Editor Chair. The Chair will query the other Associate Editors to see whether one of them can manage the peer review or whether another acting AE should be sought for the review. The author-AE must also provide the names of at least three potential peer reviewers for the acting Associate Editor.

For a lengthy replacement, such as a sabbatic leave, the departing AE should suggest at least one possible replacement within his/her program area, determine that the replacement AE is interested in serving, and notify the Associate Editor Chair. The Chair will solicit the potential replacement(s) for background information and then bring the names of proposed replacement(s) to the Communications Advisory Board for consideration.

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