ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Peer review of publications published outside of ANR

Occasionally a publication written by ANR authors that has been published elsewhere is brought to an Associate Editor for consideration as an ANR publication. Complicating this situation is the fact the material is already printed and in some cases copyrighted by sources other than the UC Regents.

The Communications Advisory Board and Associate Editors have created a process for handling the peer review of this type of previously published publication.


  1. Author submits previously published book to Associate Editor chair. Author must ensure that copyright of publication is transferable to the UC Regents.
  2. AE chair inquires whether Division resources will be requested to a) produce (which requires CS production time), b) print, c) market and fulfill orders.
  3. If no Division resources are required, the publication then goes to the appropriate AE for peer review.
    a) If the publication passes peer review with no changes required, it goes into the ANR catalog.
    b) If the publication does not pass peer review, there is no appeal process. However, the author may submit a revised, second edition as an ANR publication if the new manuscript passes ANR peer review and the author gets CAB approval for any production costs (see #4).
    c) If it is an online publication and its author is willing to revise it based on peer review comments, it can be published as an ANR publication as a new edition.
  4. If Division resources are expected, then the request goes to the Communications Advisory Board.
    a) If CAB agrees ANR resources should be invested in this publication as long as it passes peer review, the publication goes to the AE for peer review.
    b) If CAB concludes the ANR resources should not be used, the request is rejected, with no further review or appeal.
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