ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
University of California
ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

What gets peer reviewed?

Peer review is required for any educational material that is

  1. published as a UC ANR product
  2. assigned an ANR number
  3. may be included in the ANR catalog

This include publications, curriculum kits, videos, and CD-DVDs.

Peer-reviewed materials should

  • be directed at the needs of ANR clientele
  • relate research-based information to practical techniques or concepts
  • be written for a lay and/or professional user audience
  • contain the author’s original expression of the information
  • contain sufficient content to convey extension-related information, techniques or concepts
  • be available and useful to clientele over a period of time
  • be intended for statewide or national use, although some regional materials may be acceptable.

Not appropriate as ANR-numbered publications

  • conference proceedings
  • textbooks intended primarily for academic audiences
  • primary reports of research results
  • one-time or limited-use materials such as newsletters, meeting handouts, short course materials, and public relations materials
  • stand-alone cost studies
  • information for single-county or local use.
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