ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Steps of multi-chapter books and manuals

  1. CS editor (CS) copyedits the chapters using Microsoft Word's track changes feature. The copyedited files are set up so that authors can review and make changes directly on them and all their work will show up as tracked changes.
  2. CS editor may ask for missing supply material such as photos, sketches for artwork, data tables for graphs, and so on.
  3. CS editor emails all chapters to the book’s coordinating Technical Editor (TE).
  4. TE looks over editing to get a sense of what was done, then emails each chapter to its lead author.
  5. When lead authors have finished their review, they email file back to TE (Lead authors should incorporate other authors' changes, if any, into the file, returning only one file to TE.) Authors also supply missing material when they return their edited chapters.
  6. TE approves authors’ changes and makes sure they've supplied needed materials.
  7. Once TE has received all chapters from authors, TE returns them to CS editor.
  8. CS editor incorporates authors’ changes and get the files ready for CS designer. Chapters won't move to design until all of photos and other artwork are supplied.
  9. CS designer lays out book in its final form.
  10. CS editor sends TE a pdf of each chapter’s page layout. TE repeats the above process: sends each chapter to its author, collects the chapters, and returns them to CS editor. Authors should print out PDF and mark any critical changes on paper, and return the paper pdf to TE. This stage is the last time TE and authors will see the book before it is printed.
  11. CS will also have a professional proofreader proof the book at the same time authors are reviewing it. CS editor will refer any proofer's questions to authors as needed.
  12. All author and proofreader corrections are consolidated by CS editor and returned to designer for implementation.
  13. When page proofs are final, CS may send them to a professional indexer for indexing (depending on need and funds available).
  14. Once the index is returned and checked, CS finalizes the files and sends book to printer.
  15. TE receives 5 copies of printed book; all authors, associate editor and peer reviewers receive one. (Authors can purchase additional copies of book at 40% discount.)
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