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Spanish translations

Using UC ANR’s translation processes will ensure that your Spanish material is accurate, targeted to your audience, and of the highest quality possible. Any type of material can be translated, and material that has already been translated can be checked for accuracy. Strategic Communications and Publishing offer services to assist with these:

For material that has already been translated into Spanish by a non-professional translator that you'd like checked for accuracy, click here.

For non technical and non peer-reviewed material (blog posts, handouts, brochures, scripts for videos and slide sets, meeting or public service announcements, etc. that you'd like translated into Spanish, click here for the translation services of the News and Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS) team.

For technical and ANR peer-reviewed articles or publications that you'd like translated and produced as a Spanish-language ANR publication, there are three steps coordinated by the Publishing and Production group:

Step 1. Before your publication is translated
The ANR Spanish-language Associate Editor (AE) and the CSIT bilingual editor will evaluate your technical publication or article's organization, language level in relation to your targeted audience, and cultural relevance.

Step 2. Editing/rewriting (if needed)
A word-for-word translation from your original English text may not always be accessible, useful, and sensitive to your targeted audience, and you may not know why. The ANR Spanish-language associate editors do, however, and they will guide a bilingual editor in adapting, editing, or rewriting the English text if needed to achieve your goals.

Step 3. Translating the material
All language experts know that it is more difficult to correct a translation that was done by someone who is not a trained translator than it is to do a translation from scratch. To avoid this issue, Publishing uses known and trusted professional translation agencies or certified freelance translators to whom we provide our Spanish dictionary of terminology used in agriculture, nutrition, and natural resources. We do not recommend using a colleague or associate for UC ANR translations, even if he/she is a native Spanish speaker. 

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