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Video Peer Review

Video Peer Review Standards

These standards were adopted by the Communication Advisory Board in May 2019 and incorporated into the Program Review E-book in September 2019.

Video Types: Three Tiers

Videos created by UC ANR personnel will be classified into three tiers based on the degree of review and institutional support:

  • Tier 1: Peer-reviewed educational videos, typically 7 to 30 minutes online, presented on a platform managed by UC ANR. These videos can be professionally produced or self-produced. Each will be identified as peer-reviewed in the video and its associated notes. Analogous to peer-reviewed publications.
  • Tier 2: Short, self-produced informational videos, typically 2 to 10 minutes, presented on a platform managed by UC ANR. Analogous to popular or trade press articles.
  • Tier 3: Self-produced content aimed for a local audience hosted outside a platform managed by UC ANR, for example a county page, blog, or social media. Analogous to blog posts or newsletter articles.

(Note: The descriptions below reference style guidelines and a production kit checklist. As of February 2020, these are being finalized and will be released soon.) See the Video page of the UC ANR Learning and Development site for other video resources.

Review Processes

Tier 1 (formal peer review)

Videos are peer-reviewed following a process similar to 8000-series publications (review by two anonymous reviewers, with the video submitted via the Publications peer-review system and overseen by a UC ANR Publications Associate Editor with relevant subject-matter expertise). Submissions shall include a link to the video file and a full transcript. Prior to peer review, UC ANR Publications staff review the video for adherence to style guidelines. Anonymous reviewers review for scientific accuracy. Author(s) may submit a script for initial review before shooting.

Tier 1 videos must be created using a non-destructive editing program to facilitate edits by authors based on reviewer comments. Submissions for review can be low-quality rendered file or a private link to a hosting platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Box.

Following acceptance, these videos will be posted on a platform managed by UC ANR. The videos will be clearly marked as peer-reviewed.

Tier 2 (review for style only)

Videos in this tier are reviewed for adherence to style standards, then posted on a UC ANR-managed platform. Finished and rendered videos are submitted via a survey with the completed production kit checklist attached.

The expectation is that videos in this category will be primarily informational (rather than promotional). Videos of this category are akin to popular or trade press articles, and we propose that they be considered as such for merit and promotion purposes.

It is recommended that a non-destructive video editor be used to create Tier 2 videos. As long as the software can deliver a finished product that complies with the production kit guidelines, the creator can use any appropriate product.

Tier 3 (no review, compliance with style guide encouraged)

Videos hosted by the content creator or hosted on a non-UC ANR-managed page (county pages, blogs, outside hosts) are not subject to review. Creators are encouraged to follow the production kit guidelines and current UC ANR branding and style recommendations for non-peer reviewed products.

Common examples of this type of content include summaries of field days, explanations of local interest topics, and promotional activities. Social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are Tier 3 videos.

Any video editing tool that delivers acceptable results may be used.


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