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  • Solstice week activity

    Plant trivia - try to name this plant

    In between finishing up the merit and promotion packages, I did some gardening this weekend. My favorite plant on the property was in bloom. Unfortunately, it's not one of the plants that needs thinning and clearly doesn't spread like so many others we...

  • Happy places

    Mark's happy place (Honolulu, Hawaii)

    After a quarterly meeting with the goal owners of the strategic plan, I headed to Ukiah this afternoon. It was definitely the driest I have seen Hopland, making it a beautiful drive up 101. No wonder the coastal area is home to some of California's...

  • My civic duty is behind me

    My civic duty is over. Now it's time to really focus on reviewing merit and promotion documents. With less than 50 days left between now and when I need to have them completed, I have 92 left to review. The math is simple enough so it is just a matter of...

  • A 'good news' weekend

    There were all kinds of good news this weekend. To start off, the strategic plan annual meeting ended on time and with a sense that it was time well spent. Katherine Webb-Martinez and Jan Corlett did a tremendous job keeping us on task and on time, not...

  • No shortage of things going on during a short week

    I think short weeks just means the same cumulative effort put into full weeks gets crammed into fewer days. I know many are putting the finishing touches on their merit and promotion packages or their annual reviews. I suspect this took a chunk out of...

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