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  • Join AVP Powers to discuss prioritizing UC ANR programs and services

    Often UC ANR is called upon to both maintain traditional program areas while at the same time address emerging challenges for the state. These challenges are complex, often with no immediate solution, but unmet they have the potential for severe...

  • California's diversity of landscape and needs

    3-D printer planter

    Early Saturday morning I drove from Eureka to Davis. During that time period it felt like I was passing through universes complete with changing weather (rain, sleet, snow and then sunshine) and the transformation from dark to daylight. The scenery was...

  • UC ANR introduces Market-based Adjustment Plan for staff salaries

    Dear Colleagues: As you know, attracting and retaining highly qualified employees is a top priority for UC ANR. To be more competitive among many diverse employment markets, we have developed a plan to address the competitiveness of our staff...

  • Moving forward on grants program, Goal 5 and YFC support

    This week Program Council met. On the agenda was 1) plans to engage the Strategic Initiative leaders (with Statewide Program and Institute Directors) in the early stages of Goal 5, to set the stage, so to speak and 2) preparation and finalizing plans for...

  • Retreat reflections

    Elephant seal at Pt. Reyes

    Have you ever had one of those weeks when you are exhausted and then suddenly realize that it is only Thursday? Last week started with a 2-day retreat to determine how to start moving forward with our strategic plan and get to a place that positions us...

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