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Goal 15: Tell UC ANR's story

Goal 15 statement:

Raise awareness of UC ANR’s capabilities, accomplishments, key programs, research, and people through implementation of measurable communications strategies starting in 2017 and ongoing

Fall 2017

Strategic Plan > Tell UC ANR's Story


An external marketing/communications firm, OneWorld Communications, was hired to help with facilitation and planning in developing a strategic communications plan.

Three workshops were conducted in spring 2017. The final plan is now complete and available to the broader UC ANR community for review and comment.

Communications strategy: The UC ANR Promise

The strategy that emerged during the workshops was a stronger messaging focus on the UC ANR Promise

The elements of the UC ANR Promise are:

·         UC ANR is a network connecting the people of California and their University

·         Practical, non-biased research that people trust

·         Part of the community

·         Participatory model

·         Serve in a leadership role

AVP Wendy Powers wrote about the strategy in an April blog post and used the promise principles in her own Goal 5 “Public Value Statements” workshops.


The Strategic Communications team recently added a new director of news and outreach in Spanish, Ricardo Vela. As NOS manager, he oversees production of UC ANR radio, video and news releases for Spanish-language news media and will advise academics on effective outreach to the Latino community. Before joining UC, Vela was the news director and main anchor for KVER-TV Univision in Palm Springs.

A new director of government and community relations – Anne Megaro – has also come on board. In her new role, Megaro will guide UC ANR employees in nurturing relationships with government officials and will monitor legislation that could affect UC ANR. She will also develop programs to promote community awareness of UC ANR. Anne has a Ph.D. in animal science from Cornell University and, for the past five years, she has been the California State Senate Committee on Agriculture's consultant. Anne will be adding a section to our strategic communications plan to capture the strategy for how we plan to communicate to elected officials and their staffs. website

Strategic Communications and a small project team (including representatives from Information Technology, Statewide Programs and Strategic Initiatives, and County Directors) is now fully engaged with a local vendor on the long-awaited aesthetic refresh of our public website. In addition to the project team, a larger review panel consisting of academics and program personnel will have an opportunity review the proposed design and offer feedback and input.

Once the project team, review panel, and senior leadership have weighed in, the design will be posted online for the entire UC ANR community to review.

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