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Goal 5: Prioritize programs and services

Goal 5 statement:

Complete a programmatic prioritization process with divisionwide participation that identifies critical strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities to better integrate and focus efforts by December 2018.

Condition Change Update - October 2017

Thanks so much to all of the Program Team Leaders and members, the Statewide Program Directors, Institute Directors, and the Strategic Initiative Leaders for the hard work they completed to review and improve upon our division-wide condition changes. Below is the list that will be coded into Project Board in the coming months.

  1. Increased workforce retention and competency
  2. Improved access to positive built and natural environments
  3. Improved living and working conditions for California’s food system and farm workers
  4. Increased diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural competency in California’s workplaces

  5. Increased effective public leaders
  6. Improved college readiness and access
  7. Increased civic engagement
  8. Improved individual and household financial stability

  9. Improved health for all
  10. Improved community health and wellness
  11. Enhanced community economic development

  12. Improved food security
  13. Safer food

  14. Improved mgmt. and use of land
  15. Improved air quality
  16. Protected and conserved soil quality
  17. Improved animal management, productivity and efficiency
  18. Increased ecological sustainability of agriculture, landscapes, and forestry
  19. Increased agriculture and forestry efficiency and profitability
  20. Increased emerging food economies and markets

  21. Improved water quality
  22. Improved water-use efficiency
  23. Improved water-supply security

  24. Increased preparedness and resilience to extreme weather and climate change

Regional Information Sessions - Summer 2017

Associate Vice President Wendy Powers held five regional information sessions throughout California July 26 – Aug 4, 2017, to talk about Goal 5 of ANR's Strategic Plan, which involves conducting a process to align programs and services with the 2025 Strategic Vision. Powers was joined by Raj Kapur, the consultant and facilitator who will lead UC ANR through the process, the vice president's chief of staff Jan Corlett, and vice provost Mark Bell.

Thanks to all who were able to attend one of the five information sessions. Click the link below to download the slides used during the discussion. 

ANR Regional Information Session slides (pdf)

In addition to the above sessions, a Zoom webinar meeting was conducted on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. This 30-minute meeting was recorded and can be viewed here:

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