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Condition changes (Aug. 30, 2017)

What follows is the list of condition changes, as drafted at a workshop held on Aug 29-30. This list was proposed by the Program Team Leaders, Statewide Program and Institute Directors and Strategic Initiative Leaders. These groups have agreed to continue to improve the list over the next couple of weeks by working with their teams and peers. In early October, the final list of condition changes will be coded into Project Board and replace the Knowledge Areas for tagging work as indicating amount of effort directed towards the condition changes.

List of Draft Condition Changes

  1. Increased workforce retention and competency
  2. Equitable, diverse and culturally competent workplaces
  3. Decreased health disparities
  4. Increased equity in access to positive built and natural environments
  5. Increased equity of youth outcomes
  6. Improved economic equity
  7. Reduced drivers to climate change
  8. Increased preparedness and resilience to climate change
  9. Improved “thriving” in youth, adults, and families
  10. Improved community health and wellness
  11. Improved mgmt. and use of land
  12. Improved mgmt. and use of animals (domestic/wild)
  13. Improved air quality
  14. Protected and conserved soil quality
  15. Improved mgmt. and use of water resources
  16. Improved food equity and security
  17. Increased food safety
  18. Sustainability and viability of agriculture
  19. Increased emerging food economies and markets
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