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Help NFCS advisor understand family food resiliency during COVID-19 pandemic

UC Cooperative Extension nutrition, family and consumer sciences advisor Deepa Srivastava asks for her colleagues' help in a virtual project that she initiated to understand family food resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this project, she asks primary caregivers of young children to answer a single open-ended question. Responses will help Srivastava understand how families with young children are navigating the food-related situation in their everyday lives.

"More specifically, the responses will help us understand the various strategies primary caregivers are using to ensure that food is available, accessible, purchased, prepared and consumed in their households," she said.

Srivastava is reaching out to local community partners in Tulare and Kings counties, but she would appreciate broader participation. UC ANR staff and academics with young children are encouraged to respond, as well as their contacts and clientele. 

Feel free to share the flyer image below or a pdf version at the end of this article.

The open-ended question is:

"During COVID-19, what changes do you have to make in your household food availability, food accessibility, food purchasing, food preparation and food consumption?"

Responses may be emailed to

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 2:29 PM
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Thank you Jeannette. I would like to add the importance of understanding family food resiliency. Due to COVID-19 situation, families across the nation are impacted in many ways including household food situation. Currently, we do not know how families are working through to ensure that food is available, accessible, purchased, prepared and consumed in their households. This project will fill that knowledge gap to help us develop family food resource management and food security strategies during crisis.

Posted by Deepa Srivastava on June 2, 2020 at 12:26 PM

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