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Winter curtailment dates set for 2022

Similar to previous years, UC ANR units – including research and extension centers, UCCE county offices, the Second Street Building in Davis and Franklin Building in Oakland – will be closed from Dec. 23, 2022, through Jan. 2, 2023, except for essential services. UC ANR offices will reopen on Jan. 3, 2023. 

Winter closure schedule: 
Dec. 23, 2022 – Holiday 
Dec. 26, 2022 – Holiday 
Dec. 27, 2022 – Curtailment (closure) 
Dec. 28, 2022 – Curtailment (closure) 
Dec. 29, 2022 – Curtailment (closure) 
Dec. 30, 2022 – Holiday 
Jan. 2, 2023 – Holiday 

Employees have the option of using accrued vacation, compensatory time off (CTO) or leave without pay for the curtailment days. In the event an employee has not accumulated a sufficient amount of vacation time before December to cover the three days, arrangements can be made with direct supervisors to allow those individuals to borrow against future vacation time.  

Some UCCE county offices and research and extension centers may need to adjust the closure schedule to accommodate local needs; this is at the discretion of the director and approval by UC ANR leadership. If you have a question about your local office schedule, please contact your unit director.  

Additional Information:

  • Time reporting – TRS has shaded the curtailment dates in yellow for reference only. ANR employees are still able to enter leave or time worked per day as appropriate based on local need. Additionally, if borrowing against future vacation, usage should be entered on the timesheet as it will allow the balance to go into the negative and will be caught up with future accruals. Feel free to contact for more details. 
  • Systems access – Some systems access may be impacted during the curtailment dates. If you are approved to work, please contact to confirm you'll be able to access UC ANR systems during the closure.

Please contact for additional information or clarification.

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2022 at 3:29 PM
  • Author: Bethanie Brown, Human Resources Interim Executive Director

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