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GivingTuesday donors give over $89,000 to support UC ANR programs

As of 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 29, at the conclusion of GivingTuesday 2022, donors gave $89,477 for UC Cooperative Extension and the statewide programs, institutes and research centers that make up UC ANR. 

“This generous show of support demonstrates the impact our UC ANR colleagues are having in their communities and the value that donors place on our work,” said Emily Delk, director of annual giving and donor stewardship.

An additional $52,764 in incentive prizes will be distributed for qualifying gifts. These funds were given throughout the year for our ANR Incentive Fund, which is used to encourage donor engagement and increased giving to all UC ANR programs, and from donors to the California 4-H Foundation.

Some donors sent comments, such as “Thank you for all you do to serve LA County residents, schools, community gardens, hospitals, shelters, the incarcerated and more. And, for all you've given me;” and “Being a Los Angeles County MG is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

“Now it's time to steward your donors,” Delk said. “Reach out to learn more about why they gave and how you can continue to engage them. Strengthening your relationships is an investment in building lasting support.”  

Hopland REC's tweet

To see some of the GivingTuesday promotion, check out posts from the following programs on social media: 

UC Master Gardeners in Los Angeles County posted a photo of a volunteer working at the USC Edible Healing Garden on Facebook.
Master Food Preservers - Statewide

Master Food Preservers - San Luis Obispo

Master Food Preservers - Santa Barbara

Master Gardeners - Statewide

Master Gardeners - Colusa

Master Gardeners - Stanislaus

Master Gardeners - Los Angeles

Master Gardeners - Santa Clara

Master Gardeners - SLO

Master Gardeners - El Dorado

Master Gardeners - Ventura

Master Gardeners - Sonoma

Master Gardeners - Riverside

Master Gardeners - San Mateo & San Francisco

Master Gardeners - Fresno

Master Gardeners - Orange

On Instagram, 4-H encouraged donors to double their support with matching funds from the California 4-H Foundation.
4-H - Statewide

4-H - Contra Costa

4-H - Glenn

4-H - Los Angeles

4-H - Orange

4-H - Amador

4-H - Calaveras

4-H - El Dorado

4-H - Napa

4-H - Tuolumne

4-H - Sacramento

UCCE San Diego

Hopland Research and Extension Center

Donor reports by county and program will be available next week in the next issue of The Scoop. To subscribe to The Scoop, send your request to


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Names in the News

Nguyen named UCCE food safety and organic production advisor 

Cuong Nguyen

Cuong Nguyen joined UC Cooperative Extension on Nov. 1 as an assistant food safety and organic production area advisor for Imperial and Riverside counties. 

“Organic produce has a shorter shelf life and is more susceptible to outbreaks, recalls and foodborne illness due to the lack of chemical sanitizers and fungicides,” Nguyen said. “Therefore, my future research agenda will continue the focus on improving the quality and safety of organic produce commodities by developing alternatives to chemical fumigations/fungicides, as well as organic pest management without the use of chemical sanitizer or pesticide.”

While earning his Ph.D. in food science at UC Davis, Nguyen developed two novel sanitizing platforms for surface decontamination and liquid systems disinfection. The two systems involve the newly discovered synergistic disinfection effect between natural antimicrobials and UV-A light treatment or ultrasound treatment. 

“I am also interested in rapid detection methods using bacteriophage targeting foodborne microbes, and microscopic detection of bacterial microcolonies for early screening and prevention of foodborne outbreaks,” he said.

Nguyen earned a master's degree at Tokyo University of Agriculture in Japan, where he studied sensory and food safety quality of meat, and a bachelor's degree in agriculture at Nong Lam University in Vietnam, where he studied postharvest technologies for food and vegetable commodities. He is fluent in English, Japanese and Vietnamese.

Nguyen is based in Holtville and can be reached at (442) 265-7700 and

Wang named UCCE plant pathology advisor 

Yu-Chen Wang

Yu-Chen Wang joined UC Cooperative Extension Oct. 3 as a plant pathology advisor for Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito counties.

“Vegetable and berry are the major crops I work on currently,” said Wang, who will be working with a wide range of crops and different cropping systems on the Central Coast. “So far, I have been contacted by a wide range of growers – including (those who grow) lettuce, broccoli, pepper, celery, bean, apple, strawberry and blackberry – about their disease problems. I am passionate about providing insight to help the community on their disease problems.”

“The lettuce industry here is suffering from impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) vectored by Western flower thrip along with soilborne diseases,” she said. Lettuce growers in the Salinas Valley lost an estimated $50 million to $100 million last year and a lettuce supply shortage occurred. Working alongside fellow advisors, UC specialists and industry partners, Wang will be seeking long-term solutions for the industry. 

Prior to becoming a UCCE advisor, Wang worked at AVRDC-World Vegetable Center, for a vegetable seed company, and at UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center on research and development.

Wang, a native of Taipei, Taiwan, earned her B.S. and M.S. in horticultural and crop science at National Taiwan University. She earned a second M.S. in plant protection from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

“The idea of farmers feeding the world and awareness of crop loss by pests motivated me to pursue a career in agriculture and plant protection,” she said. “During my M.S. at Cal Poly, I worked closely with the California strawberry growers on industry-oriented research. I look forward to extending my study to vegetable and berry crops and serving the farming community.”   

Wang is based in Watsonville and can be reached at and (831) 201-9689.

Hooper named UCCE urban community resiliency advisor 

Ashley Hooper

Ashley Hooper joined UC ANR on Sept. 1 as the UC Cooperative Extension urban community resiliency advisor in Los Angeles County, a brand-new position. In her role, Hooper is tasked with working with communities who have historically been disadvantaged due to inequitable systems and/or policies.

In collaboration with the community, Hooper will lead efforts focused on building resilience and adaptive capacity. This could look like increasing the community's access to capital, green space, transportation, nutritious food or education.

She already has leveraged data, collected by different organizations, to conduct a content analysis of needs assessments across dimensions of community resilience, such as access to parks and healthcare. Then, as next steps, she will prioritize interviews and field observations.

During her master's program, Hooper worked as a research assistant for the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, where she led interviews with community members facing or trying to counter various inequities like limited access to broadband, housing and health care. For her Ph.D. dissertation, she focused on identifying barriers to and opportunities for resilient food systems in Los Angeles County.

After attending the California Economic Summit in October, Hooper shared her excitement for the prospect of using the arts in building community resilience. 

“I went to a creative-economy working group session, and I was reminded of how much the arts and cultural community has to offer in the process of building adaptive capacity in communities,” she said.

Hooper earned a Ph.D. in urban and environmental planning and policy from UC Irvine. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in water resources with a concentration in policy and management from the University of New Mexico.

Hooper is based out of the UCCE office in Los Angeles County and can be reached at

Lee named publishing director 

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee joined UC ANR on Nov. 1 as director of publishing. She oversees the team producing books, journals and other publications that showcase and support the work of UC ANR. 

Lee brings years of publishing experience. Prior to joining UC ANR, Lee was publications manager for three years at eScholarship Publishing, an open-access publishing platform managed by UC's California Digital Library. She moved from the United Kingdom to the Bay Area in 2000 to work for UC Press as a marketing communications writer.

In 2006, she went to work for Oxford-based REL Consulting as a library relations manager, then returned to UC Press in 2007 for 12 years, first as a library relations manager, later as journals manager.

She earned a B.A. in history and politics at Oxford Polytechnic in Oxford, UK. She can converse in French, German and basic Italian and Dutch.

Lee is based at the UC ANR building in Davis and can be reached at (530) 750-1352 and

McDaniel joins CalFresh Healthy Living, UC 

Audrey McDaniel

Audrey McDaniel joined UC ANR on Oct. 27 as an administrative officer with the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC program. She coordinates administrative and human resources services for the statewide CFHL, UC program.

McDaniel will support CFHL, UC hiring activity in coordination with local programmatic departments, Human Resources, Business Operations and the CFHL, UC State Office. This position is 100% funded by CFHL, UC as a pilot position.

Her work experience ranges from working in corporate environments to tech and tech startup spaces helping entrepreneurs and executives build and grow their businesses by proactively finding ways to support, improve and/or develop their systems. 

McDaniel's previous employers include Zynga, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Troika Media Group,, and smaller startups like HomeHero. She has also worked as a creative director for Harvey Health, focusing on integrative medicine, working side by side with naturopathic doctors.

McDaniel is located in the UC ANR Second Street building in Davis in office 153A and can be reached at or (530) 390-9753. 

Tribble joins UC IPM as writer/editor 

Emma Tribble

Emma Tribble joined UC ANR on Oct. 13 as the new writer/editor for the Office of Pesticide Information and Coordination (OPIC) within the Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program. She also will serve as a writer/editor for the Western IPM Center.

Tribble recently graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and minor in English. She published “Exploring the Effects of a Neglected Area” – about improving students' curiosity and engagement in science – in the Journal of College Science Teaching and is a co-author on a manuscript published in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. 

Tribble is located in the UC ANR Second Street building in Davis in office 127 and can be reached at

Escondido designates Oct. 21 as ‘Dr. Oli G. Bachie Day' 

Oli Bachie

The City of Escondido recently honored Oli Bachie, UCCE agronomy and weed management advisor for Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties and county director for San Diego and Imperial counties, for his service. On behalf of the city council, Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara proclaimed Oct. 21, 2022, “Dr. Oli G. Bachie Day.”

The proclamation notes Bachie has conducted research-based technical and educational services, including crop productivity, sustainability and alternative resource efficient crops. He has researched the best resources and pest management practices as well as the economic benefits for environmental and ecological compatibility. He has provided business assistance through grower and farm industry needs assessments in the City of Escondido and the Southern California Region.

He also has volunteered his time as a mentor to startup businesses and entrepreneurs during the inaugural San Diego AgTech Startup Hackathon weekend created by the City of Escondido in partnership with Fresh Brewed Tech.

It concludes: “Dr. Oli G. Bachie's vision to explore the future of agriculture and agtech has been a true asset for the City of Escondido.” 

Bachie is working with the city to develop an agtech incubator to support entrepreneurs and encourage innovation.

Fennimore to deliver keynote at international conference 

Steve Fennimore

Steve Fennimore, UC Cooperative Extension weed specialist and professor of extension in the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, will be a keynote speaker at the International Weed Science Congress scheduled on Dec. 4-9 in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Fennimore's research is focused on weed management in vegetables, flowers and strawberries. He spends most of his time working in coastal production areas between Watsonville and Oxnard. His program combines chemical and nonchemical methods, for both organic and conventional systems with the objective of containing or reducing weed management costs. Recently, his research has focused on development of automated weeding systems to mitigate the severe labor shortages in California, and development of field-scale steam applicators to reduce the need for chemical fumigation in sensitive sites and near urban areas.

His talk, which is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5, at 1:30 p.m., is titled “Advances in Weed Robotics for Site Specific Weed Management.”

“To be a keynote speaker at the IWSC is a big deal in the weed science world,” said Gale Perez, public education specialist for the UC Weed Research & Information Center.



Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 5:06 PM

UC ANR meets with county government officials

UC ANR met with Riverside County government officials. From left, standing: Rita Clemons; Carolina Herrera, director of legislative advocacy and government affairs; Supervisor V. Manuel Perez; Supervisor Karen Spiegel; CSAC President and Supervisor Chuck Washington; a staff member; and Dave Rogers, chief administrative officer. Sitting: Anne Megaro and Riverside County CEO Jeff Van Wagenen.

Representatives from UC ANR joined county government officials on Nov. 14-18 for the California State Association of Counties' 128th Annual Meeting held in Orange County. CSAC provides advocacy, educational and financial services to California's 58 counties. 

Vice President Glenda Humiston; Anne Megaro, government and community relations director; and Rita Clemons, UC Cooperative Extension director for Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties; Susan Ellsworth, UC Cooperative Extension director for the Capitol Corridor; and Darren Haver, associate director for the Research and Extension Center System and South Coast REC director, discussed opportunities for collaboration with county supervisors and other county officials.

UC Cooperative Extension personnel often work with county leaders to help their communities with the pandemic, wildfires, economic development and other challenges and opportunities.

From left, Anne Megaro; Lucas Frerichs, supervisor-elect for Yolo County, current Mayor of Davis, UC President’s Advisory Commission member and former UC ANR government relations director; and Susan Ellsworth and Darren Haver.
Wanda Williams, supervisor-elect for Solano County, met with Susan Ellsworth.
From left, Tuolumne County Supervisor Jaron Brandon, Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington, Anne Megaro and Susan Ellsworth.
Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 3:05 PM

UC ANR Staff Assembly e-newsletter helps staff stay ‘Current’

The Current is UC ANR Staff Assembly's monthly e-newsletter, keeping staff up-to-date on Staff Assembly offerings related to health and wellness initiatives, educational reimbursements, opportunities to engage with leadership and other employee concerns.

As a reminder: all staff employees (including county-paid, part-time and limited-appointment staff) are members of UC ANR Staff Assembly, and its council members advise UC ANR leaders by representing the ideas, input and collective voice of the staff. Note that academics are represented by Academic Assembly Council.

The Current e-newsletter arrives in staff inboxes on the second Tuesday of each month. If you are a UC ANR staff member and you have not been receiving The Current, please contact Mike Hsu, communications chair, at

Past issues of The Current can be found on the Staff Assembly website.

If you have a news item that pertains to all staff (related to health and wellness, educational/learning opportunities, or other workplace environment and culture issues), please submit it to Hsu at by the end of the month for inclusion in the following month's e-newsletter.

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 10:57 AM
  • Author: Mike Hsu

UC Davis Analytical Lab services available to UC ANR

UC ANR researchers who need soil, plant, water, wastewater and feed tested may use the UC Davis Analytical Lab. Ashley operates a carbon nitrogen analyzer.

UC Davis Analytical Lab performs analyses on selected chemical constituents of soil, plant, water, wastewater and feed in support of agricultural and environmental research. 

Currently, there are a few clients from ANR that use this service, but given ANR's recent and continued growth, the lab's services may be of use to academics and staff as well.

The receiving department is conveniently located on the outskirts of UC Davis campus (Hoagland Annex) for easy drop-off and pick-up of samples. In addition to analytical services, the lab provides project assistance in the areas of analytical, agricultural and environmental chemistry.

UC Davis Analytical Lab performs more than 200 analyses. Marianna uses an electrical conductivity meter.
The lab offers more than 200 analyses. There are many discounted group packages available as well as customized panels if feasible. The receiving department has a large storage area equipped with many refrigerators, freezer and storage shelves to handle large submissions. Receiving utilizes different grinders to accommodate various sample matrices and sizes; ranging from a ball mill shaker that can pulverize small-scale material to a large Wiley that can grind entire corn stalks.

The lab is equipped with many instruments including, but not limited to, microwave digestors, flow injection analyzers, various carbon and nitrogen analyzers, ion chromatograph system, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometers, liquid chromatography mass spectrometer, crude fiber analyzer and crude fat analyzer. 

UC Davis Analytical Lab is proud to announce it will be filing for ISO 19025 accreditation in early 2023. This speaks to the quality of data produced by highly trained analysts on staff.  The lab participates in many proficiency programs as well as in-house quality practices to ensure that you receive accurate and consistent data results for your projects. 

The lab and receiving areas have expanded considerably in the last year with additional equipment, methods and staff to ensure quality data with the shortest turnaround time possible.

For more detailed information regarding testing, sample submission, costs and much more, please watch the video at or visit our website at The UC Davis Analytical Lab looks forward to working with you.

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 11:57 AM
  • Author: Rani Youngman, director of UC Davis Analytical Lab

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