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Vet Med Dean Stetter discusses animal health research in monthly video series

Emmanuel Okello talks with Mark Stetter about alternatives to antimicrobial drugs for cattle on Mondays with Mark.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has launched Mondays with Mark, a monthly video series featuring Dean Mark Stetter discussing animal health. 

In each episode, viewers get a taste of the incredible scope of what veterinarians do and see how they are incorporating new methods like predictive modeling and social media monitoring to keep domestic and wild creatures and humans safe – all while educating the next generation of veterinarians and scientists.

In the September episode, Stetter talked with Emmanuel Okello, UC Cooperative Extension specialist in dairy health in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction, about alternatives to antimicrobial drugs for cattle at the California Animal Health & Food Safety facility in Tulare.

Maurice Pitesky and Mark Stetter discuss avian influenza.

He also talked with Maurice Pitesky, UC Cooperative Extension poultry specialist, about using modeling to assess risk of avian influenza from waterfowl to commercial and domestic poultry. 

New videos come out on the second Monday of every month.

Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 3:22 PM

UC Davis Analytical Lab services available to UC ANR

UC ANR researchers who need soil, plant, water, wastewater and feed tested may use the UC Davis Analytical Lab. Ashley operates a carbon nitrogen analyzer.

UC Davis Analytical Lab performs analyses on selected chemical constituents of soil, plant, water, wastewater and feed in support of agricultural and environmental research. 

Currently, there are a few clients from ANR that use this service, but given ANR's recent and continued growth, the lab's services may be of use to academics and staff as well.

The receiving department is conveniently located on the outskirts of UC Davis campus (Hoagland Annex) for easy drop-off and pick-up of samples. In addition to analytical services, the lab provides project assistance in the areas of analytical, agricultural and environmental chemistry.

UC Davis Analytical Lab performs more than 200 analyses. Marianna uses an electrical conductivity meter.
The lab offers more than 200 analyses. There are many discounted group packages available as well as customized panels if feasible. The receiving department has a large storage area equipped with many refrigerators, freezer and storage shelves to handle large submissions. Receiving utilizes different grinders to accommodate various sample matrices and sizes; ranging from a ball mill shaker that can pulverize small-scale material to a large Wiley that can grind entire corn stalks.

The lab is equipped with many instruments including, but not limited to, microwave digestors, flow injection analyzers, various carbon and nitrogen analyzers, ion chromatograph system, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometers, liquid chromatography mass spectrometer, crude fiber analyzer and crude fat analyzer. 

UC Davis Analytical Lab is proud to announce it will be filing for ISO 19025 accreditation in early 2023. This speaks to the quality of data produced by highly trained analysts on staff.  The lab participates in many proficiency programs as well as in-house quality practices to ensure that you receive accurate and consistent data results for your projects. 

The lab and receiving areas have expanded considerably in the last year with additional equipment, methods and staff to ensure quality data with the shortest turnaround time possible.

For more detailed information regarding testing, sample submission, costs and much more, please watch the video at or visit our website at The UC Davis Analytical Lab looks forward to working with you.

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 11:57 AM
  • Author: Rani Youngman, director of UC Davis Analytical Lab

Participate in ANR’s new Global Food Initiative projects

In July 2014, UC President Janet Napolitano launched the UC Global Food Initiative (GFI) and ANR continues to play a major role in the GFI. Two new examples are a special issue of California Agriculture that is in the planning stages and a food-research video competition for UC students that the Nutrition Policy Institute is co-sponsoring. A call has gone out UC systemwide to participate in these projects.

Special issue of California Agriculture

ANR's peer-reviewed research journal California Agriculture is planning a special Global Food Initiative issue for summer 2017. Developed in partnership with GFI leaders at ANR, UCOP, the 10 UC campuses and the UC-affiliated national laboratories, the issue will mark the third anniversary of the initiative's launch.

The issue will feature a collection of original research papers in the GFI subject areas: nutrition, food security, food sourcing, food equity, food literacy, food recovery, food waste, local food systems, sustainable agricultural production, sustainable fishery practices, sustainable urban agriculture and climate smart agriculture. A call for papers is going out to researchers throughout the UC System.

ANR researchers working in these areas are encouraged to submit papers. Please see the call for manuscripts for full details. Abstracts are due for initial review by Oct. 1, 2016, with complete manuscripts to be submitted by Nov. 18.

If you have questions, contact Jim Downing, executive editor, at and (530) 750-1352.

Food research video contest

The World Food Day Video Challenge, co-sponsored by UCANR's Nutrition Policy Institute, the UC Davis World Food Center and the GFI, is open to UC students. Students from all the UC campuses are invited to submit videos up to three minutes long that feature UC research. It could be about their own research or your research.

The winning team will receive $1,000 and an opportunity for team members (up to 3) to attend the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium in October.

One objective of the contest is to raise awareness of the depth and breadth of food-related research and outreach being performed across the UC system.

Please encourage GFI fellows and UC students at your locations to participate by submitting a video by Sept. 7, 2016.

Details about the challenge are at If you have questions, read the FAQs or contact WFC's Amy Beaudrealt at or NPI's Ron Strochlic at

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