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UC ANR 2021 Administrative & Support Services Customer Satisfaction Survey
Launched November 16-December 22, 2021

The UC ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey enables us to assess the effectiveness of our administrative and support services teams and current levels of customer service. This is the inaugural survey year. The ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey will be repeated several times over the course of the next few years to assess continuing customer service enhancement efforts and progress. Survey responses from ANR academics and staff are contributing to our efforts to improve processes and services.  

Based on the survey outcomes, unit leaders have created customer service action plans and identified primary opportunities for enhancing their respective unit's customer service delivery.  Unit leaders are working together to implement their individual plans as well as to improve cross-unit communication and process coordination. 

We are pleased to provide the following ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Project outcomes and plans for your review:

ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Infographic

ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary 

ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Accountability Loop

ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Performance Summary

ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Reports by Unit in Tableau Dashboard

The ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey Tableau Dashboard displays the 15 individual units' Tritonlytics survey outcomes reports and impact analyses (strengths and opportunities).  

  • Use the "Select Department" drop down box at the top to view an individual unit's report
  • Two tabs are available for each unit's report (above the unit name):  "Summary" and "Scatterplot"
  • Summary Report:  Includes the number of respondents, the mean scores for each of the 10 standardized survey questions and the overall satisfaction score (using a 5-point scale)
  • Scatterplot Report:  Based on statistical analysis of the unit's survey ratings, identifies "Influential Strengths" and "Primary Opportunities"  (Note:  A minimum threshold of 25 respondents was required for statistical analysis.  If a unit had less than 25 respondents, no scatterplot was generated.) 

ANR Customer Service Satisfaction Action Plans by Unit:

Each of the 15 units participating in the ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey have created an Action Plan to address the top priority "primary opportunities" identified in their individual survey outcomes report. Click on the unit name link to the right to view individual action plans.  Your feedback is welcome - please use the ANR Customer Satisfaction Survey email box link provided below.

ANR Customer Satisfaction Project Questions and Comments may be sent to email box:

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