University of California
ANR Employees

Principal Budget Analyst - Funds

  • Assists in the development and implementation of ANR Budget Office database management systems and processes.

  • Disseminates ANR's budget information and coordinates the production of the Division's Annual Budget Reports.

  • Researches, gathers, analyzes, reconciles and confirms data to support the annual submission of Budget Schedules.

  • Compiles and distributes the annual statewide county budget and fund source reports for the division.

  • Provides initial review of rate proposals and self-certification from ANR units.

  • Coordinates the rate proposal review process.

  • Analyses and reconciles ANR non-salary provisions

  • Confirms, verifies and coordinates ANR allocations from state general funds, federal formula funds, endowments, indirect cost recovery and STIP.

  • Projects year end fund balances

  • Coordinates the closing of federal formula funds.

  • Ensures compliance with special federal budgetary reporting requirements for ANR's federal formula funds.
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