University of California
ANR Employees

Principal Budget Analyst - Staffing

  • Manages and reconciles the budgetary resources related to salaries and benefits costs for the division.

  • Supports and trains units division-wide on how to reconcile their budget staffing lists

  • Responsible for the oversight and compliance of division-wide staffing.

  • Analyzes and makes recommendations for policy procedures related to academic and staff budgeting.

  • Responsible for Academic and Staff FTE tracking.

  • Reconciles ANR staff and benefit related provisions.

  • Confirms balances and makes recommendations for the funds available for staff recognition and development program on behalf of the ANR Budget Office.

  • Lead for ANR Budget Office in development and implementation of the AREERA plan.

  • Oversees salary related transfer of funds

  • Develops the ANR Regents’ Budget

  • Coordinates the funding for academic and staff range, merits and promotions with four campuses.
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