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The Aggie Enterprise (AE) transition, owned and initiated by UC Davis, is an enterprise-wide transition to this Oracle Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, including UC Davis and UC ANR. The Business Operations Center is leading the Supply Chain Management (SCM) module for UC ANR.

Live as of: January 4, 2024

ANR AE Resources & Contacts

UC ANR Aggie Enterprise Website
Visit the ANR AE Website for resources, trainings, and updates.

AE Catalog Approval Routing 
Click here for BOC's instructions for an approval routing process via AE requisition reassignment.

Help Desk
Staff on the AE Team are available to answer questions at: 

DO NOT reach out to Davis directly. Your ANR AE team will be your direct resource.

BOC Informational Webinar

Presentation Slides with Clickable Links

Presentation Recording

The Business Operations Center partnered with the Aggie Enterprise Project Team to present on dates and deadlines for the upcoming transition to this Oracle system. 

Presentation dates were: August 31, 2023 and September 7, 2023. Both presentations covered the same information, linked above.

Su-Lin Shum
Director, Business Operations Center
Tracy Roman
Associate Director, Business Partner Teams
Raghu Goradia
Project Manager

ANR AE: SCM Module Leads

BOC is the Module Lead for Supply Chain Management (SCM). Team members leading this aspect of the enterprise-wide initiative include: Su-Lin Shum, Tracy Roman, Janelle Hernandez, and Daena Duran Camacho. 

For additional module leads and contacts, please review the Directory Menu on the ANR Aggie Enterprise website


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