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A financial transaction in DaFIS used to reimburse employees for program expenses, and to make direct payment for registration fees, insurance premiums, utilities, fee refunds, and other miscellaneous one-time payment items that are not part of the purchasing or travel programs.


  • Reimbursement to University and non-University employees for out of pocket expenses.
  • Refund workshop or training fees when a participant was unable to attend.
  • Payment of insurance premiums.
  • Payment of registration fees.
  • Utility payments (i.e. gas, electric, garbage, telephone).
  • Payment of memberships - see Memberships section of this Guide


  • Complete the Direct Charge form identifying vendor, purpose, and account to be charged, and obtain County Director signature.
  • Original, itemized receipts must be attached for all reimbursements.
  • For non-University employee reimbursements, you must include the individual's Social Security number, home address, and telephone number.
  • Reimbursement for food purchases utilizing the Direct Charge process is only for food that is purchased for demonstration purposes. Use a stamp or write on the receipt that the food was "For Demonstration Purposes Only."
  • For fee refunds, attach a copy of the Cash Receipt or Log with their original payment highlighted. If a refund is part of an agreement, attach a copy of the agreement specifying refund conditions (i.e. Master Gardener enrollment fees).
  • Completed registration forms that clearly identify cost must be attached for payment.
  • Insurance premium forms must be attached that identify terms of coverage, group name, number covered, rate per person and coverage dates.
  • Original utility/telephone company invoices must be attached for payment.
  • Forward the Direct Charge form and supporting documentation to the Regional Office for processing.


  • When paying registration fees as a Direct Charge, DO NOT also list them on the travel voucher.


UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 330-40 Disbursement Procedures:

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