University of California
ANR Employees



  • It is the policy of the University to consider institutional membership in organizations that would promote the advancement of education and research, enhance the professional standing of its administrative personnel and facilitate favorable campus-community relations.
  • Individual memberships in scholarly societies are considered to be personal responsibilities to be paid by the individual.


  • Membership fees shall not be paid to organizations that are primarily social.
  • Membership fees shall not be paid to support any political action or activity.
  • Memberships and employee participation in community organizations shall be held to the number necessary to achieve effective campus-community relations within a reasonable expenditure of funds.
  • Departments may purchase an institutional membership in an organization to secure its periodicals if the periodicals cannot otherwise be secured. Such periodicals will become the property of the University rather than of an individual, and must be made available to all department faculty, staff and students.
  • All institutional memberships require prior approval of the Regional Director and must be paid by Direct Charge.


  • The invoice or completed institutional membership form should be attached to a completed Direct Charge form, approved by the County Director and forwarded to the Regional Office.
  • Specific benefits to the local office, local programs or clientele must be typed in the description section of the form.



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