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Business Operations Center - Davis

BOC - Davis

The Business Operations Center in Davis (BOC - Davis) provides financial services to Statewide Programs, Research & Extension Centers, and ANR service units located in Davis.

Some of the major functions of the Business Operations Center includes:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Check / Reimbursement Requests

  • Extramural fund management (budget review, new account set up, cost-share/effort reporting)

  • Gift Acceptance

  • Payroll

  • Purchasing

  • Travel and Entertainment
  • DANR Building Services


BOC-D Staff Contacts:

BOCD Roles 09.18.2018




Cash / Check Receipt Log

Instructions - Cash Handling for Statewide Programs


Travel and Entertainment Forms:

Airfare Upgrade Exception Form

Travel Expense Voucher 2019

Aggie Travel Mileage Log 2019

Aggie Travel Mileage Log 2018

Transient Tax Exception Form (Lodging)

Entertainment Expense Form

Travel & Entertainment Card Online Application 

Meals & Incidentals Rate 

Mileage Reimbursement Rate 

Travel Policy 

Exceptional Entertainment Approval Form


Relocation Policy 

Tax Liability on Relocations 2018


Payables and Purchasing Forms:

Conflict of Interest

Declaration of Missing Receipts

Employee Reimbursement Form

Fellowship Payment Reqest Form

Honorarium for Non-Employees

Independent Contractor (Individual) Pre-Hire Information

Membership Form

P-card cover sheet

Procurement Card Dispute

Purchase Request Form

Sponsorship Agreement

Sole Source Justification Form

Sponsorship or Donation Instructions

Unauthorized Purchase Form 

BOC Davis Financial Services

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Office Information

Business Operations Center - Davis
ANR Building
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618
Phone: (530) 750-1299
Fax: (530) 756-1092


Photo of Sally Harmsworth Sally Harmsworth
Title: Associate Director, Business Operations
Phone: (530) 750-1372


Veronica Geiger
Title: Payroll/PPS Services Asst.
Phone: 530-750-1296


Jeri Hansen
Title: Business Contracts/Purchasing Assistant
Phone: (530) 750-1298
Fax: (530) 756-1092


Janene Iorga
Title: Financial Services Supervisor
Phone: (530) 750-1294
Fax: (530) 756-1092


William B Moua
Title: Payroll/PPS Services Assistant
Phone: (530) 750-1211
Fax: (530)750-1092


Photo of Gina Plessas Gina Plessas
Title: Financial Assistant 3
Phone: 530-750-1295


Photo of Emily Schutzman Emily Schutzman
Title: Financial Analyst
Phone: 530-750-1297


Anne Marie Scott
Title: Payroll Manager
Phone: 530-750-1273


Marcie Valenzuela
Title: Financial Services Assistant
Phone: 530-750-1299
Fax: 530756-1092

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