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ANR Employees

Business Operations Center - Kearney

The ANR Business Operations Center located at Kearney (BOC-K) provides comprehensive consolidated financial and payroll-related services in support of county Cooperative Extension offices statewide. This includes providing business services in support of 200 CE advisors and 400 staff employees. The BOC-K's mission is to provide highly effective and efficient financial and payroll services within the guidelines of UC and ANR policies and procedures.

Key services provided by the BOC-K include:

Account Management Services:

  • Academic cost recovery and cost sharing
  • Contract and grant account management
  • Effort reporting
  • Expense (salary and non-salary) transfers
  • Income and various donor account management

Account Management Forms available for download:

Financial Services Transaction Processing:

  • Cell phone plans
  • Fuel Cards
  • Invoice/vendor payments
  • Miscellaneous cash collections
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchasing Card
  • Purchasing Card Transactions
  • Travel expense reports

Financial Services Forms available for download:

 Payroll/Personnel Systems:

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Office Information

Business Operations Center - Kearney
University of California
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648
fax: 559-646-6513

Business Operations Center Kearney – BOCK

Cherie F McDougald
Title: Director
Phone: (559) 646-6518


Emily LaRue
Title: Associate Director
Phone: (559) 646-6079

Account Management

Sharon Asakawa
Title: Account Management Services Analyst
Phone: (559) 646-6543


Laura Gonzales
Title: Account Management Services Assistant
Phone: (559) 646-6084

Jarnelle Nakaima
Title: Financial Analyst
Phone: (559) 646-6088


Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) Services

ANR Payroll
Business Operations Center - Davis

Financial Services

Emily Melton Casado
Title: Financial Services Manager
Phone: (559) 646-6537


Maryann S DeLecce
Title: Financial Services Assistant
Phone: (559) 646-6083


Joyce Hatanaka 

Title: Financial Services Assistant
Phone: (559) 646-6517


Tayoko Honda
Title: Financial Services Assistant
Phone: (559) 646-6080


Helen Moriyama
Title: Financial Services Assistant
Phone: (559) 646-6081

Nora Rodriguez
Title: Financial Services Assistant/Team Leader
Phone: (559) 646-6532


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