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All equipment that is owned by the University, or that is in the care and custody of the University is classified as inventorial or non-inventorial. Inventorial equipment is defined as:

  • Non-expendable, tangible, personal property which has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, is freestanding, is complete in itself, does not lose its identity when affixed to or installed in other property and has a normal life expectancy of one year or more.
  • Any item designated theft-sensitive. For UCCE, all computers and LCD projectors with an acquisition cost of $1,500 or more are designated theft-sensitive.


  • County Directors and Principal Investigators have primary responsibility for the care, maintenance, records and control of equipment in their custody and/or all property acquired with University funds.
  • An Authorization for Movement or Removal of UC Property should be completed and filed in the County Office for all equipment that is regularly assigned to a location other than the County Office (such as an advisor's home) or regularly transported (such as a laptop computer).
  • An biennial physical check of all inventoried equipment in each county is required. County Directors will receive an Inventory Register with instructions on conducting the inventory check.


  • When new equipment is purchased, the county office will receive an Inventorial Equipment Acquisition Form to be completed and returned to the Regional Office for processing. Attached to the form will be aProperty Number sticker which must be affixed to the equipment.
  • A request for disposition of obsolete or unusable or otherwise surplus equipment is sent to the Regional Office for approval. The request must be signed by the County Director.
  • Obsolete or unusable equipment is disposed of either through the UC Davis Bargain Barn or as authorized through the local county equipment disposal process.
  • Requests to donate surplus equipment to a non-profit agency should be forwarded to the Regional Office for approval and may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • In all cases, the UC property number decal and any other identifying marks must be removed from equipment before disposal or donation.  All electronic storage devices must be cleared of all data and programs before disposal or donation.
  • If equipment has been lost or stolen, a police report and a UC Property Loss Report Form must be submitted to the Regional Office for processing. The equipment will be removed from your inventory.


  • Equipment purchased on University funds is covered by the Basic Property Insurance Program. An Additional Theft Insurance Program is available upon request through the Davis campus. The current rate is $0.40/$100 of value annually. The additional theft program is designed to lower—not eliminate—the deductibles of the Basic Property Insurance Program.
Basic Insurance
Policy Deductible
Additional Theft Insurance
Policy Deductible
Forced entry theft $1000 $250
Non-Forced entry theft $5000 $1000


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Equipment Inventory Documents

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