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Temporary employment for a few days duration of seasonal farm laborers for agricultural labor related to UC research activities.


  • The seasonal farm labor procedure may be used only for employment of persons who fulfill all of the following conditions:
    • They are employed in connection with the cultivating of soil or the raising and harvesting of agricultural and horticultural commodities.
    • They will earn less than $1,500 from the University within the calendar year.
    • They are 16 years of age or older and, if between the age of 16 and 18, have presented a work permit to the employing officer.
    • They have not provided services to the hiring department in the preceding 12 months as a UC employee under any other contract or personnel program.
  • The hourly rate for seasonal farm laborers is established in the UCD Title and Pay Plan. The rates are available at - select title code 8544.
  • Hours worked as a seasonal farm laborer will count toward the 1,000 hours maximum if the person is later hired as a limited term employee for the purposes of career employment status and benefits eligibility.


  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form (U.S. INS Form I-9) must be completed and signed by the farm laborer and the employing officer prior to beginning work.
  • A Seasonal Farm Labor Employment Record is completed indicating the dates and hours worked, rate of pay, and amount paid. This form must be signed by the laborer, the Advisor supervising the laborer, and the County Director.
  • Each farm laborer who is a U.S. citizen must sign the State Oath of Allegiance which is printed on the reverse side of the Seasonal Farm Labor Employment Record.
  • Payment method: Write a check from the UC checking account and submit Seasonal Farm Labor Employment Record and I-9 Forms as supporting documentation.


  • If continued employment of a laborer is anticipated, the individual should be hired as a University employee and paid via the University payroll method.
  • The University's near relative policy prohibiting the supervision of a near relative also applies to the Seasonal farm labor employment method.
  • Be sure the person is not currently a UC employee (in DANR or with any other UC campus department).
  • Seasonal farm laborers will be compensated at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate for hours worked over 40 in a standard workweek.
  • Seasonal farm laborers must be given a meal period of not less than 30 minutes after 6 consecutive hours of work.
  • Seasonal farm laborers may be granted one rest period of 15 minutes for each 3 continuous hours of work.


UCD Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 380-77 Seasonal Farm Labor:

Seasonal Farm Labor Documents

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