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The UC Davis Bookstore offers books, computers, and office supplies to both on- and off-campus departments.  The UC Davis Bookstore is the sole source for Apple computers.


  • Departments receive a 5% discount on the list price on Bookstore purchases.
  • The Bookstore has a full catalog available; departments can call them direct at 530-752-6846 to order the catalog. Their catalog is also available on line at
  • All UC purchasing policies apply to Bookstore purchase orders, including the $2500 purchasing limit.
  • Orders costing in excess of $2500 must be placed through the regular purchasing process as outlined in the Purchasing section of this handbook.
  • On line ordering is available at their website using a shopping cart system.  Currently, items ordered on line must be billed to a credit card.  They are working on a system to allow on line ordering billed to a University account.


  • On supply orders below $2500, complete the Bookstore Purchase Order form and forward to the Regional Office for approval and processing.
  • For all other purchases (over $2500, equipment-single item over $5,000, and any computer regardless of price), complete the Purchase Order Request form and submit to the Regional Office for processing through the UC Davis Purchasing Department.


  • Outside vendors might provide better prices on computer equipment and software orders, so check prices at the Bookstore and get other quotes, too.
  • For theft-sensitive items, refer to the purchasing procedures.
  • UC has a purchasing contract with TRC for software. Contact the Regional Office for more information.
  • Software is also available at MyUCDavis - under the MyOffice tab.


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