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Contracts & Grants: Prior Approvals

Prior Approvals

Depending upon the Terms and Conditions of the Award, the University may be required to notify the sponsor and/or obtain the sponsor’s prior approval for a particular action. All requests for changes or revisions that require prior sponsor approval should be submitted to OCG for review and approval as OCG is the office of record for all such prior approval transactions.


Prior Approval from the sponsor MAY be necessary for the following items: 

  • Re-budgeting Award Funds
  • No Cost Time Extensions
  • Carrying Forward Unobligated Funds
  • Change in PI or other Key Personnel, includes PI disengagement from the project for more than 3 months
  • Significant change (25%) in the PIs effort on the project
  • Transfer of PI to another institution
  • Change in scope of work
  • Need for equipment not included in initial budget
  • Out of state or foreign travel
  • Adding a New Subaward


Please note the award terms and conditions may include time frames for how far in advance these changes have to be submitted. For example some sponsors may require no cost time extensions be submitted well in advance of the end date. Sponsors may also require revised budgets, justifications for changes, or formal requests signed by the authorized representative (OCG).


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