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NSF Division of Environmental Biology (core programs) (SNE)

Date: December 31, 2020

Time: All Day

Contact: Vanity Campbell

Sponsor: Contracts and Grants

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NSF Division of Environmental Biology (core programs) (SNE)

Funding Opportunity Number: 18-587

Funding Organization's Deadline:  Proposals Accepted Anytime

Discipline/Subject Area: Environmental Biology

ANR Priority Area(s): SNE 

Funding Available($): Varies by proposal type


Description: The Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) Core Track supports research and training on evolutionary and ecological processes acting at the level of populations, species, communities, and ecosystems. DEB encourages research that elucidates fundamental principles that identify and explain the unity and diversity of life and its interactions with the environment over space and time. Research may incorporate field, laboratory, or collection-based approaches; observational or manipulative studies; synthesis activities; phylogenetic discovery projects; or theoretical approaches involving analytical, statistical, or computational modeling. Proposals should be submitted to the core clusters (Ecosystem Sciences, Evolutionary Processes, Population and Community Ecology, and Systematics and Biodiversity Sciences). DEB also encourages interdisciplinary proposals that cross conceptual boundaries and integrate over levels of biological organization or across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Research addressing ecology and ecosystem science in the marine biome should be directed to the Biological Oceanography Program in the Division of Ocean Sciences; research addressing evolution and systematics in the marine biome should be directed to the Evolutionary Processes or Systematics and Biodiversity Science programs in DEB.

All DEB programs also encourage proposals that leverage NSF-supported data networks, databases, centers, and other forms of scientific infrastructure, including but not limited to the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), and Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio).

Rules of Life Track proposals that integrate across the scales in biological sciences are solicited to support research that spans from the population, species, community and ecosystem scales normally funded by DEB, to organismal, cellular and molecular scales typically funded by other divisions in the Biological Sciences. This track provides new opportunities to advance our understanding of the Rules of Life by new mechanisms for review and funding of proposals that would not ordinarily fit well within one division in the Biological Sciences Directorate.

Proposals submitted to the Rules of Life (RoL) track must integrate research activities across multiple levels of biological organization, and thereby span funding programs beyond a single division in the Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO). It is expected that RoL proposals will bring together diverse teams of scientists to create novel framings and solutions for conceptual problems.

To be responsive to the RoL track, proposed activities must:

  • Engage or enable innovative approaches to fundamental questions in biology;
  • Promise results or approaches that are generalizable beyond particular study systems;
  • Seek to discover, enable and/or test foundational principles (rules, theory) that explain or predict the emergence of complex phenomena in biology; and
  • Apply integrative approaches that span levels of biological organization beyond the funding programs within a single BIO division.


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