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DWR Desalination Grant Program (Water)

Date: December 31, 2020

Time: All Day

Contact: Vanity Campbell

Sponsor: Contracts and Grants

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DWR Desalination Grant Program (Water)

Funding Opportunity Number: Not applicable

Funding Organization's Deadline: Proposals are accepted on a continuous basis.

Discipline/Subject Area: Water desalination

ANR Priority Area(s): Water

Funding Available($): Not specified


Description: DWR provides grants to local agencies for the planning, design, and construction of potable water desalination facilities for both brackish and ocean water. It also provides grants for pilot, demonstration, and research projects. Projects to be considered for funding should directly support local or regional water resources and directly or indirectly provide water supply benefits to the State. Grant funds are provided as an incentive to local or regional entities to implement projects that produce state, regional, and local potable water supply or reliability benefits through the planning, design, and construction of feasible brackish and seawater desalination projects. Grant funds are also provided to advance water desalination technology research pilot projects.

In addition to other benefits, proposed projects will be evaluated on the following:
• Increased potable water supply to increase public health and the quality of muncipal water supply systems (CWC §79767(c))
• Increased water supply reliability (CWC §79767(a))
• Improved water desalination technology, process effciencies, and methodologies (CWC §79767(e) & §12947(c))
• Advanced methods that minimize adverse impacts to the environment associated with desalination processes and new water supplies which decrease reliance on diversions from the Delta or instream flows (CWC §79767(b) & §12946)
• Contribriute to decreasing environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which includes energy efficiencies (i.e., water-energy nexus) (CWC §79767(b) & §12946).

Funding is available for 5 types of projects as follows:

  • Construction projects generally consists of the design and construction of a full-scale permanent desalination facility and related infrastructure to result in an operable municipal water supply project. A Construction project can include funding for design, but design will not be funded as a stand-alone project. Construction projects that depend upon future phases for an operable facility are not eligible.

  • Feasibility Study projects are used to determine the need for a water supply project, to analyze the alternatives to meet the project objective, to determine whether a desalination project is the “preferred alternative”, and if it is, to identify the implementation steps for the project.

  • Environmental Documentation projects are stand-alone projects for compliance with CEQA or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) where the basic feasibility study has already been completed and there is a likelihood for initiation of a construction project. As a requirement for funding, the completed portions of the feasibility study must be submitted with the application.

  • Design Pilot project is a small-scale prototype for a full-scale project or a full-scale component of a project and is intended to refine design criteria, aid site selection, or study particular technologies or methodologies (conventional or innovative) for the purpose of implementing an already proposed full-scale municipal desalination facility.

  • Research Pilot projects are typically small-scale prototypes for a full-scale device, equipment, process, or other technology and are intended to advance the knowledge base of new desalination technology, related infrastructure, and by-products treatment and disposal.


OCG Note: Please note any changes to the funding opportunity including deadline dates may not be updated to this calendar. Please visit the Sponsor's website below for additional  information.

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