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Memoranda of Understanding and Other Business Contracts

Memorandum of Understanding

UC ANR, on behalf of our Statewide Programs, Cooperative Extension offices, and Research and Extension Centers, frequently collaborate with external (non-UC) agencies to provide programs and services in the furtherance of ANR’s mission. As well, ANR uses collaborative agreements internal to the University (such as between ANR and a campus).

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) are agreements used to clarify roles and relationships between collaborating parties, as well as address liability, indemnification, insurance, and other risk factors. This is a great way for programs to begin projects and an excellent managerial tool that can be used to ensure the continued success throughout the duration of the project.

MOUs are also useful when determining accountability for all parties in a written document therefore serving as a means to better manage partnerships. The lack of a formal written agreement specifying respective roles and responsibilities for ANR and our counterparts could result in weaknesses in administration, tracking, and management of Federal property, as well as the control over such properties. By successfully executing an MOU, we are ensuring that we can meet the obligations set forth with our partners, that we have an accurately described project to accomplish goals towards our mission, and that we are not exposing ourselves nor the University to unnecessary risk.

Administrative Policies and Business Contracts (APBC) is responsible for the administration of MOUs and works in as flexible a manner as possible in order to support ANR’s programs, not impede them. The review and execution process is mostly relatively quick, but can be lengthy at times due to the nature of working with various entities to verify all parties are complying within their policies and that each party is in agreement with the terms of the contract. The length of time needed to review and execute an MOU can also vary depending on the complexity of the terms.

MOUs also need to be signed by the proper authorities from all parties. The proper authority for ANR is from the Delegation of Authority 1058, which has been re-delegated to the Associate Vice President, Associate Vice President of Business Operations, the Controller and in some instances the Vice Provost of Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs.

If you have questions and/or are experiencing any administrative difficulty with an MOU, please contact APBC to assist you. You may also review the ANR Policy and Procedure Manual Section 401 relating to Programmatic MOUs here.


MOU (Business Contract) Workflow

  1. Collaboration between UC ANR and Other Party
    • The New Agreement Request Form can be used as a guide for gathering information if you are unsure where to start
      New Agreement Request Form

  2. Once you have completed the draft MOU or New Agreement Request Form, send them to
    • It is not necessary to complete the New Agreement Request Form if using a draft template or a draft from the other party

  3. APBC will review, edit and/or return an approved draft

  4. Other Party will review, edit and/or return an approved draft

  5. Once both parties agree, APBC will initiate the execution process with the proper ANR authority and proper other party authority

  6. eSignatures are strongly preferred - MOU needs to be approved by both parties before execution.

  7. If "Wet" signature - Each party will receive an original hard copy of the executed version of the agreement. APBC retains this copy in the Oakland office as the office of record retention

  8. Once all parties have executed the agreement, you may begin your program!


MOU Templates

Nutrition Program MOU Template
Master Gardener Program MOU Template
4-H MOU Template
MOU Amendment Template
Researcher Access Agreement

For UCCE/County Support Agreements please contact Ryan Harms at (510) 987-0696 or to discuss before preparing an agreement using the following templates, or distributing outside of UC ANR.

Single County Partnership Support Agreement
Multi-County Partnership Support Agreement

Business Contacts

Business contracts (purchase orders, independent consulting agreements, professional service agreements, and so on) are processed locally and your best source of help will also be local.  

For assistance visit the Business Operations Center website.

Useful Links - Business Contracts

UC ANR Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) 204, Securing the Services of an Independent Contractor

UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) 330-05, Administrative Business Agreements

UCD PPM 380-70, Consultant Agreements

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UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-34, Securing the Services of Independent Consultants

UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS- 77, Independent Contractor Guidelines


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