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Memoranda of Understanding and Other Business Contracts

Memoranda of Understanding

ANR frequently collaborates with external (non-UC) agencies to provide programs and services in the furtherance of ANR’s mission. As well, ANR makes collaborative agreements internal to the university (such as between ANR and a campus), and internal to ANR (such as between a regional office and a statewide program). Memoranda of understanding (MOUs) get projects off to a great start by clarifying roles and relationships; then serving as a management tool to keep the project running smoothly.

APBC administers MOUs in as flexible a manner as possible as such agreements should support ANR’s programs; not impede them. If you have questions and/or are experiencing any administrative difficulty with an MOU, please let us know.

MOU Templates

Nutrition Program MOU Template
Statewide Program Advisor MOU Template
Master Gardener Program MOU Template

For UCCE/County MOU Templates contact Ryan Harms at (510) 987-0696 or

Business Contacts

Business contracts (purchase orders, independent consulting agreements, professional service agreements, and so on) are processed locally and your best source of help will also be local.  

For assistance contact:

  • Cooperative Extension Offices:

Cherie McDougald, Director - Business Operations Center - Kearney
(559) 646-6518 or

  • Statewide Programs, Research & Extension Centers, and ANR Service Units at the UC Davis campus:

Sally Harmsworth, Associate Director - Business Operations Center - Davis
(530) 750-1372 or

  • ANR Administrative Offices in Oakland:

APBC Principal Analyst Ryan Harms
(510) 987-0696 or

Useful Links - Business Contracts

ANR Administrative Handbook Section 204, Securing the Services of an Independent Consultant

UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) 330-05, Administrative Business Agreements

UCD PPM 380-70, Consultant Agreements

UCD PPM 380-71, Independent Contractor Agreements

UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-34, Securing the Services of Independent Consultants

UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS- 77, Independent Contractor Guidelines

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