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ANR Employees

200 Series: Business and Finance


201 - Entertainment

202 - Memberships in Organizations

Additional Resources:

Approval Request for Organization Membership Dues to be Paid with UC Funds Form

203 - Information Technology and Communications

204 - Securing the Services of an Independent Consultant

205 - Financing Cooperative Extension Activities

206 - Gifts to UC ANR

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Flowchart

Appendix II: Acceptance of Cash Gifts

Appendix III: Acceptance of In Kind Gifts

Appendix IV: Research Gifts Form 700-U

Appendix V: Endowments

Appendix VI: Re-delegation Overview

207 - Qualified Sponsorship Recognition

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Sample Leter Acknowledging Acceptance of Sponsorship and/or Sponsorship Recognition

208 - License Agreements for Use of Facilities

209 - Lease Agreements for Real Property

210 - Insurance

211 - Environmental Health and Safety Program

212 - Travel

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Procedures

215 - Photographic, Video, and Audio Recording

Additional Resources:

Appendix A: Release Agreement

Appendix B: Image and/or Audio Recordings Notification

Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

216 - Third Party Property Improvements

260 - Identification of Cooperative Extension

262 - Travel to Attend Professional Society Meetings

263 - Visual Media Services

264 - Contracts and Grants for Research, Training, and Public Services Projects

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Proposal Budget

Appendix II: Approval Data Sheet

Appendix III: Statement of Economic Interest

280 - Federal Excess Property Program

281 - Policy on Pesticides and Related Chemicals: Use and Experimentation

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Pesticide Application and Notification Requirements for Trials Conducted Off University Property

282 - Control of Biohazards and Biological Materials in Research

283 - Communications and Media

285 - Publications

286 - Government Relations

287 - Copyrights

290 - Departmental Responsibility in Maintaining Internal Financial Records, Files, and Documentation

291 - Guidelines for Recharge and Income Activities

  1. References
    1. Appendix I. Examples of Possible Rate Structures
    2. Appendix II. Steps to Establishing a New Recharge Activity

292 - Cost Recovery Guidelines and Procedures

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. An Introduction to Effort Reporting for ANR Staff (Located in Policy)

Appendix II. A Sample Budget Listing Appropriate Staff Salaries and Benefits (Located in Policy)

Appendix III. ANR User Fees: Educational Programs

Appendix IV. ANR User Fees: Testing and Other Non-Education Programs

Appendix V. ANR Cost Recovery Definitions (Located in Policy)

Appendix VI. ANR Financial Waiver Request (Located in Policy)

Appendix VII. Extension Cost-Recovery Guidance

293 - Deficit Management Policy

294 - Cell Phones and Other Portable Electronic Devices

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Employee Eligibility Form

Appendix II: Employee Agreement Form

Appendix III: Supplement

295 - Researcher Access Agreement

Additional Resources:

Researcher Access Agreement

297 - Honoraria

298 - Sale of Agricultural Research By-Products

299 - Purchasing


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