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200 Series: Business and Finance


201 - Entertainment

  1. Introduction
  2. When Entertainment is Appropriate
  3. Approval of Entertainment Expenditures
  4. Meal Allowances
  5. Source of Funds
  6. Procedures for Reimbursement

202 - Memberships in Organizations

  1. Introduction
  2. Policy
  3. Types of Organizations
  4. Support of Membership Cost
  5. Approval Authority
  6. Approval Process

Additional Resources:

Approval Request for Organization Membership Dues to be Paid with UC Funds Form

203 - Information Technology and Communications

  1. Introduction
  2. Electronic Communications and Information Security
  3. Guidelines for the Purchase and Use of Cellular Phones and Other Portable Electronic Resources
  4. Authorization to use UC Property in an Off-Campus Location

204 - Securing the Services of an Independent Consultant

205 - Financing Cooperative Extension Activities

206 - Gifts to UC ANR

  1. Authority to Solicit and Accept Gifts
  2. Indirect Cost Charges (A.K.A. "Gift Processing Fees")
  3. In-Kind Gifts
  4. Private Research Gifts
  5. Administration of Gifts
  6. Processing Cash and In-Kind Gifts
  7. Processing Private Research Gifts and Form 700-U
  8. Fundraising Campaigns

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Flowchart

Appendix II: Acceptance of Cash Gifts

Appendix III: Acceptance of In Kind Gifts

Appendix IV: Research Gifts Form 700-U

Appendix V: Endowments

Appendix VI: Re-delegation Overview

207 - Qualified Sponsorship Recognition

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Sample Leter Acknowledging Acceptance of Sponsorship and/or Sponsorship Recognition

208 - License Agreements for Use of Facilities

  1. Policy
  2. Authority and Execution
  3. Hold Harmless Clause
  4. Insurance Certificates

209 - Lease Agreements for Real Property

  1. University as Lessor
  2. University as Lessee

210 - Insurance

  1. Introduction
  2. Automobile Liability and Property Damage Coverage
  3. General Liability and Property Damage Coverage
  4. Business Travel Accident Insurance Coverage
  5. Insurance for Volunteers
  6. Certificates of Insurance
  7. Reporting Accidents and Injuries

211 - Environmental Health and Safety Program

212 - Travel

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Procedures

215 - Photographic, Video, and Audio Recording

  1. Introduction
  2. Subject's Consent to the Taking of the Image and/or Audio Recording
  3. The ANR Release (Consent) Form
  4. Limitations of Taking and Using Images and/or Audio Recordings
  5. Use of Images and/or Audio Recordings Obtained from Non-UC Sources
  6. Using Pre-Existing Material Owned by UC

Additional Resources:

Appendix A: Release Agreement

Appendix B: Image and/or Audio Recordings Notification

Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

216 - Third Party Property Improvements

260 - Identification of Cooperative Extension

  1. Office
  2. Individual

262 - Travel to Attend Professional Society Meetings

263 - Visual Media Services

  1. Purpose
  2. Visual Media Materials

264 - Contracts and Grants for Research, Training, and Public Services Projects

  1. Authority
  2. Proposals for Research and Training Projects
  3. Proposal Preparation Guidelines for New Projects
  4. Informal Proposals or Pre-Proposals for New Projects
  5. State and Federal Marketing Order Proposals
  6. Established Projects -- Proposals for Changes
  7. Approvals Required for Proposals
  8. Special Approvals Required for Proposals
  9. Contacting the Funding Agency
  10. Contracts and Grants
  11. Contracts and Grants Received on Unapproved Proposals
  12. Administration of Contracts and Grants
  13. Use of University Facilities and Resources Under Contracts and Grants
  14. Conflict of Interest
  15. References
    1. Appendix I. Proposal Budget
    2. Appendix II. Approval Data Sheet
    3. Appendix III. Statement of Economic Interest

280 - Federal Excess Property Program

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibility
  4. Records and Inventory

281 - Policy on Pesticides and Related Chemicals: Use and Experimentation

  1. Scope and Definitions
  2. Responsibilities Incurred by Employees of the University of California when Experimenting with Pesticides Outside of the Research Laboratory
  3. Requirements of Selected California Pesticide Laws, Regulations and University of California Division of ANR Polices Not Specifically Related to Experimental Use

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Pesticide Application and Notification Requirements for Trials Conducted Off University Property

282 - Control of Biohazards and Biological Materials in Research

  1. Background
  2. Storage, Use or Research of Biological Materials
  3. Transfer or Transport of Biological Materials
  4. Regulations

283 - Communications and Media

285 - Publications

286 - Government Relations

287 - Copyrights

  1. Use of Copyrighted Materials for Publication
  2. Use of Non-Copyrighted Materials for Publication
  3. Use of Copyrighted Materials for Programs and Other Purposes
  4. Copyright Policy on Material Prepared by Staff
  5. Copyrights on Computer Programs
  6. References

290 - Departmental Responsibility in Maintaining Internal Financial Records, Files, and Documentation

  1. Fiduciary Responsibility
  2. Budgetary Responsibilities
  3. Financial Processing

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. Indexes to Accounting Handbooks for Berkeley, Davis, and Riverside Campuses

Appendix II. Chapter III. Financial Operations of the USDA Extension Service Administrative Handbook

291 - Guidelines for Recharge and Income Activities

  1. Purpose
  2. Definitions
  3. Recharge and Income Activities
  4. Criteria For Recharge and Income Activities
  5. Deficits/Surplus
  6. Allowable Costs to be Recovered in Activity Rates
  7. Non-University Differential (NUD)
  8. Capital Equipment, Depreciation and Equipment Reserves
  9. Activity Inventory
  10. Rate Development
  11. Rate Review and Approval
  12. Activity Budgets, Account Codes, and Sales Tax
  13. Closure of Activity Operations
  14. Forms XV. Records Retention
  15. Functional Responsibilities
  16. References
    1. Appendix I. Examples of Possible Rate Structures
    2. Appendix II. Steps to Establishing a New Recharge Activity

292 - Cost Recovery Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Introduction
  2. Recovering ANR Academic Salaries and Benefits from Extramural Funds
  3. Program Activity/User Fees
  4. Publication Sales and Marketing

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. An Introduction to Effort Reporting for ANR Staff

Appendix II. A Sample Budget Listing Appropriate Staff Salaries and Benefits

Appendix III. ANR User Fees: Educational Programs

Appendix IV. ANR User Fees: Testing and Other Non-Education Programs

Appendix V. ANR Cost Recovery Definitions

Appendix VI. ANR Financial Waiver Request

293 - Deficit Management Policy

294 - Cell Phones and Other Portable Electronic Devices

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Employee Eligibility Form

Appendix II: Employee Agreement Form

Appendix III: Supplement

295 - Researcher Access Agreement

Additional Resources:

Researcher Access Agreement

297 - Honoraria

298 - Sale of Agricultural Research By-Products

299 - Purchasing


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