University of California
ANR Employees

300 Series: Academic Personnel


301 - Academic Personnel

302 - UCANR Endowed Chairs

305 - Academic Series

306 - Emeritus Status

310 - Filling Vacant Positions

Additional Resources:

Appendix A: Guidelines for Search Committees and ANR Hiring Authority in the Recruitment Selection of ANR Academic Positions

Appendix B: Recommended Protocol for Applicant Reference Checking

Appendix C: Personal Interview Record

315 - Advancement

316 - Demotion and Dismissal for Substandard Performance

320 - Separations

325 - Administrative Appointments

326 - Administrative Stipends

330 - Salaries

335 - Position Descriptions

Additional Resouces:

Appendix I.A. Position Description: Cooperative Extension Advisor

Appendix I.B. Position Description: Cooperative Extension Specialist

336 - Performance Evaluations

340 - Leaves (Temporarily Under Revision)

Additional Resources:

Appendix I.  UC ANR Sabbatical Leave Guidelines for County-based Academic Employees (Revised July 1995)

345 - Consulting

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. Summary of Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities

Appendix II. Summary of Approval Authority and Reporting Requirements (Categories I and II)

Appendix III. Prior Approval Request Form for Compensated Outside Professional Activities (Categories I and II)

Appendix IV. Report of Compensated Outside Professional Activities (Categories I and II)

346 - Teaching

350 - Grievances and Appeals

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. Informal Grievance Process Chart

Appendix II. Formal Grievance Process Chart


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