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401 - Programmatic Memorandum of Understanding

Additional Resources:

Appendix A: Deciding When an MOU is Needed

Appendix B: 4-H MOUs

Appendix C: MGP MOUs

Appendix D: MOU Addendum/Amendment

Appendix E: Nutrition Education MOU

402 - Records

403 - Conflict of Interest

405 - Volunteer Policy

406 - Volunteer Organizations

420 - Firearms in the ANR Environment

420.1 - Research Extension Center Firearm Policy

420.2 - Vertebrate Pest Management Policy

420.3 - Recreational Hunting Policy

Additional Resources

Employee Firearm Authorization for Possession and/or Discharge for Business Use, Occasional, or Residential Storage

Firearm Authorization for Hunting

460 - Subpoenas

Additional Resources:

Appendix A: Recommended Implementation of ANR Subpoena Guidelines

Appendix B: Sample Confirmation of Receipt of Deposit Before and ANR Employee's Appearance at Trial and/or Deposition

Appendix C: Sample Billing for Deposit Before an ANR Employee's Appearance at Trial and/or Deposition

Appendix D: Sample Billing After ANR Employee's Appearance at Trial and/or Deposition

Appendix E: Key Information if Served with a Subpoena

470 - Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

480 - Federal and State Government Relationships

481 - Commodity Research Advisory Committees

482 - Relationships with Government Officials

483 - Confidentiality of General Counsel Opinions

484 - Reporting Illegal Discharge of Hazardous Waste

485 - Commercial Release of Protected Plant Materials

486 - Policy on Licensing and practice as a Registered Professional Forester and/or Certified Rangeland Manager

Additional Resources:

Appendix I. California Codes Public Resources Code Section 750-783

Appendix II. TITLE 14. Natural Resources Division 1.5. Department of Forestry and Fire Protection* Chapter 10. Registration of Professional Foresters

Appendix III. California Section Society for Range Management and the State of California

487 - A Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment

Additional Resources:

Request for Ceremonial Exception


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