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580 - Research and Extension Centers (RECs)

  1. Introduction
  2. Responsibility
  3. Use of the RECs
  4. Access to the RECs
  5. Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Process
  6. Off-cycle RAC Process
  7. Agricultural Commodity Disposal
  8. Research with Pest, Pesticides, and Recombinant DNA Materials Requiring Special Permits and Approvals
  9. Research with Chemical or Radioactive Materials
  10. Research with Biohazardous Materials
  11. Research with Vertebrate Animals

Additional Resources:

Appendix I: Procedural Requirements for Employee Organization Access to the Research and Extension Centers (RECs)

Appendix II: UC ANR Research and Extension Center (REC) Access Violation Report

581 - Research Advisory Committees (RACs) at the Research Extension Centers (RECs)


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