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Historic Assessment Rates Summary for UC ANR FY 21-22

Composite benefit rates (CBR)

FY21-22 ANR Composite-Benefit-Rates_Summary

Chart L 

Agriculture & Natural Resources Consolidated Fringe Benefit Rate

UCPath Composite Benefit Rate Summary

As of July 2021

Full Benefit Eligibility   Federally Approved
FY 2022
A Academic & Management Cooperative Extension Advisor, Academic Coordinator, Academic Administrator, Management Services Officer(MSO), Management/Senior Professional (MSP),
CE Specialists
B Staff Exempt Staff Research Assoc I, II, III; Lab Asst. I, II, III; Computer Resource Specialist, Analysts, Administrative Specialists; Editor, Sr.Editor, Prin Editor, Superintendents 44.1%
C Staff Non-Exempt Community Education Specialists, Program Representatives, Community Health Program Representatives, __Assistant I, II, III; Survey Worker, Lab Helper, Ag Technician, Farm Laborer 57.8%
Not Eligible for Full Benefits    
D Postdoc Employees Postdoc Employees 7.4%
E UC Davis Grad & Undergrad Students  UC Davis Grad & Undergrad Students (TC:  4920) 2.3%
F All Limited Term Employees All Limited Term Employees (includes non-UCD students; TC: 9995)



General, Automobile and Employment Liability (GAEL)

GAEL:  1.77%

UCPATH Object Code – 7951

Vacation Leave Assessments (VLA)

VLA: 8.2%

UCPath Object Code - 8550

The UCRP payroll assessment for FY2020-21 to 2022-23

Interest Assessment as % of All Non-Federal Sources of Covered Compensation (FY 20-21 TO FY 22-23)


UCPath Object Code - 8690


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