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ANR Employees

Rate Review Committee

The Rate Review Committee permanent members met to develop detailed instructions for submitting proposals for the fiscal year 2006-2007. Call for proposals will be sent to the Sales & Service Units by February 28. Proposals are due to the Committee by Friday, March 31. Rate approvals expected by Monday, May 1. Budgets will be posted to the July 1 Ledger.

Financial Services Web page

We are currently developing the FS Home page. Our intent is to use the Web site to inform the ANR community of important financial issues. We hope that once developed, it will be site that you will check for useful information.

Effort Reporting System

The UC Davis Accounting Office is still in the process of testing the Effort Reporting System (ERS). After they complete their testing, the administrative test group will perform their testing, followed by the academic test group. There is no set time schedule at this time. The schedule depends upon the results of the accounting office tests. ANR has representation in both the administrative and academic test groups. We will be posting Powerpoint presentations on the Financial Services Web page on the Effort Reporting System. Once completed, an announcement will be sent out to the ANR community to access the presentations. The first one will be a general overview on effort and the federal requirements on effort reporting, followed by an overview of the new Effort Reporting System.

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