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Core messages

The following are the core ANR messages that will help achieve the organization’s communications objectives. All ANR communications outreach (press releases, articles, blogs, social media, collateral, etc.) should be designed to communicate these messages to key audiences. Wherever possible, ANR’s leaders and experts should incorporate these messages into their public communications. This includes public speeches, media interviews, interactions with employees, and meetings with key stakeholders and allies.

Core message #1:

UC ANR responds to, collaborates with, and engages Californians throughout the state to address local issues. The UC ANR system and its offices, programs, and academics serve the people of California by providing resources directly to every county in the state.

Core message #2:

UC ANR applies broad expertise in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition, youth development, and other areas using scientific disciplines such as biology, environmental sciences and land management.

Core message #3:

UC ANR develops solutions that are objective, credible and based on scientific principles and research.

Core message #4:

In addition to tapping the vast resources of the University of California system, UC ANR professionals serve as a knowledge network by connecting other research institutions, government agencies, organizations and individuals with interests in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition, and youth development.


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