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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) provides a variety of training programs to assist the university community in preventing, responding and understanding affirmative action, discrimination, equal opportunity and harassment.

The training offered by the ODI are open to all members of the University Community.


Affirmative Action -- Diversity & Outreach

The Academic's Role in Affirmative Action

UC Managing Implicit Bias Series


For a Civil Rights Compliance Review Guide for Cooperative Extension programs please see the following publication: “Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Review in the Cooperative Extension Service. . .”.


UCOP Policy: Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: Click here.

Harassment Prevention Training for Non-Supervisors: Click here.

Is it unlawful harassment?  Click here.

What to do about harassment: Click here.

In addition to providing training for people with specific roles in the Division, the University of California offers training through U-Learn, an online learning catalog available to all UC Davis staff.

Use the links in the catalog to explore topics and read course descriptions. Once you have found a course you wish to take, log into the UC Learning Center using your UCDLogin. Next, search the catalog for the course title to find and launch any of the courses.

The following e-courses on Sexual Harassment and Assault are offered:

UC Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Systemwide Training
   Awareness training on the prevention of domestic violence, dating violence,
   sexual assault, stalking, and consent.



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