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April  2012       On-line Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for NON-supervisors
 Jun 2012    Success Story #1 (Don Hodel)
Review: Book: "When Affirmative Action Was White" by Katznelson
Review: DVD: "White Face" (Race & Bigotry)
Review: DVD: "Freedom Riders" (Early Civil Rights struggles in the South)
 July 2012 Success Story #2 (Jane Chin Young)
Review: DVD: "Trail of Tears" (Individual documentaries of Native American cultures)
Review: DVD: "Which Way Home" (Modern day immigration documentary)
 Aug 2012 Alameda & Sutter-Yuba On-Site Review News
Review: DVD: "Cultural Awareness: Respecting Race, Religion, & Diversity" (short individual segments on various religions/cultures -- also, excellent, non-exploitative look at transgender culture)
 Sept 2012 Success Story (Deborah Giraud)
Review: DVD: "Being Hmong Means Being Free" (Brief scene of cow being killed for ceremonial purposes may not be suitable for children, otherwise, good general audience video -- includes a teacher's guide.)
Oct 2012   Success Story (Richard Molinar)
 Nov 2012  Step-by-step examination of the Affirmative Action On-Site Review process
 Jan 2013  Success Story (San Luis Obispo 4-H - Krysti Jerdin)
Review" Book: "Animal Kingdom - A Diversity Fable" (brief w/discussion questions at the end -- very thought provoking)
 Feb 2013  Review: DVD: "One Nation, Many Voices" (examination of an "English Only" resolution passed in Wisconsin and its consequences)
Mar 2013 Review: DVD: "All is Made Beautiful" self-help video: spiritual practices for the home adapted from various tribal nations.
Apr 2013  Review: DVD: The Diversity of Whoopie Goldberg;
Success Story: Adaptive Gardening by Cid Barcellos of Yolo Master Gardeners
 May/Jun 2013  Review: DVD: "What's Cooking?" Four families, different ethnicities, celebrate Thanksgiving. Plenty of complications! / Veteran Outreach / Call for self-nominations for Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee / AA website training opportunitiesAug
 August 2013  Review: DVD: "Out in the Silence" -- documentary about a gay high school teen seeking equal rights in a small town. Also, examines gay marriage. / New Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee members / Call for Cultural Resource Team volunteers / Updated ANR Nondiscrimination Statement!
November 2013 Success Story: Marin Cty. "Necessary Documents" for Affirmative Action On-Site Reviews update.
December 2013 AB 1964: Religious Accomodation update. CalFresh Healthy Fare at Marin County Fair. Cultural Resource Team news. Nelson Mandela remembered.
Febuary 2014 ANR at Job Fair in Lemoore: outreach to Veterans & other job seekers. ANR Cultural Resource Team update
April 2014 Success Story: Diversity "Brown Bag" in Fresno. ANR presents at job fair at University of the Pacific in Stockton.

May 2014

Review: DVD: 1) "Battle: Change from Within" documentary from Missouri Extension: Excellent production standards. The story of one man, Elliot Battle, and how his effective, peaceful efforts brought desegregation to his Missouri hometown in the 1960's.  Inspiring. 2) "Eyes On the Prize" -- a PBS documentary on the early history of the civil rights battles in the South.  2 disk set. Unsparing and authentic.

ANR's new AA Compliance Officer, John I. Sims joins the team! / ANR at UC Davis Medical Ctr's job fair for Veterans & Disabled. / Cultural Resource Team announcement.

June 2014

Review: DVD: "Rocks With Wings" Very watchable documentary that mixes sports with diversity! Appeared on PBS some years ago. Excellent look at traditional Navajo beliefs and life on the reservation. The true story of a Black man who ends up coaching the girls' basketball team at a largely Navajo high school in Shiprock, New Mexico. Culture clash? Yes. The documentary shows how the two sides work toward a common understanding and unseat their cross-town arch-rivals who have been the state high school girls' basketball champs for 8 consecutive years! Great scenes from the climatic state championship game!  The girls are too short to dunk but, wow, can they nail those 3-pointers! Inspiring video -- 133 minutes.

November 2014

Special Issue: Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Thoughts on the Civil Rights Act editorial. Rosa Park biographical article. Timeline of important events within the civil rights movement. Period pictures and headlines. Review: DVD: "Battle: Change From Within" previously reviewed in the May 2014 issue -- but now with Spanish subtitles. Review: DVD: "Sporting Chance: The Lasting Legacy of Title IX" narrated by Holly Hunter, a look at the history of Title IX -- highly recommended by CE Santa Cruz Office!  48 minutes.


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