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2012 Call for Supplemental Positions

As previously announced in ANR's Update (January 24, 2012), ANR is soliciting proposals for CE advisor and specialist positions. This supplemental call aims to address programmatic gaps that were not previously identified or that have arisen since last year's process.

The online submittal system will be open from February 1 – May 18 to allow as much time as possible for internal consultation and external input from ANR stakeholders in all program areas. We also expect and strongly encourage you to engage with external stakeholders, including commodity groups, cooperating programs, agency partners, community groups and others to explicitly discuss priority needs for positions.

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This 2012 CE Supplemental Call for Positions ( is available to ANR and to the public. Below are displayed all of the positions that were submitted last year and not released/selected for recruitment. To view the list of positions that have already been released, please locate the document at the bottom of this text. The webpage also displays new proposals as people initiate their work. This online database has been created as a searchable tool to encourage collaboration, rather than submitting duplicates of the same proposals. Submissions will be accepted from the following groups:

If you do not hold one of the above titles/roles, we encourage you to communicate with persons that are able to submit positions and work collaboratively with them in these efforts.

During this cycle, the position submission system will be open for both new submissions and for revision and resubmission of earlier proposals that were not selected for recruitment. The online system will give you access to previously submitted positions in the format you submitted them.

Please note that we are only able to provide you with the proposal you submitted last fall, if you uploaded a pdf document, then you will have access to the same type of file during this cycle. If you are planning on editing and re-submitting proposals that were submitted as pdfs, we encourage you to locate your last word version, make the changes and upload it in word. Or, you can download the new template from the system, fill out all required sections and re-submit.

As mentioned, Program Council members have requested additional information for previously submitted position proposals, which must address the justification section found in this year's template. Both revised and new proposals are required to complete the justification section to identify critical issues that the position will address and explain how a proposed ANR position will address those issues.

To begin, please search through the positions that are currently in the queue and contact the submitter if you are interested in collaborating. If you are eligible to submit a new proposal, click "Login Now" and then you can click on "Create New Proposal." You will be re-directed to the Universal Review System (URS) found in your ANR Portal.

If you choose to locate the 2012 submission system directly, you must log into your ANR Portal. Under URS, you will have access to your previous submissions located under "Your Proposals." If you wish to create a new proposal click on "2012 Call for Supplemental Positions" found under "Open Systems."

If you have any questions, you may contact Vanessa Gomez at (510) 987-0377 or

If you submitted a position last year and will not be re-submitting it during this cycle, you may contact Vanessa to have the positions removed.

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Showing 107 Submitted Proposals

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Advisor Position Proposals

Position Name Author Comments
001 4- H Youth Development Duncan, Roger 10
005 4-H Youth Development/Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Advisor Bali, Khaled 0
018 Area Farm Management Position with emphasis in Risk and Financial Management (Advisor) Takele, Etaferahu 2
037 Sustainable Dairy Production Advisor - Sacramento Valley Krueger, William 25
040 North Bay Food System Advisor Lewis, David 16
044 Environmental Horticulture Advisor Mueller, Shannon 3
050 Forestry and Natural Resources Advisor Drill, Sabrina 9
060 Livestock / Natural Resources Advisor Oneto, Scott 1
079 Orchard Systems (Sustainable Orchard Systems) Connell, Joseph 17
093 Range/Livestock/Natural Resource Valachovic, Yana 25
104 Small Farms / Local Food Systems Connell, Joseph 5
111 Subtropical Horticulture Advisor Takele, Etaferahu 9
200 Environmental Horticulture/Community Food Systems Advisor for Merced, Mariposa and Stanislaus Geisel, Pamela 18
201 Area Viticulture Advisor Tulare and Kings County Sullins, Jim 15
202 Nutrition, Families, and Consumer Sciences Advisor - Napa, Sonoma, and Marin Lewis, David 6
203 San Joaquin Valley Cropping Systems/Nutrient Management Farm Advisor Putnam, Daniel 2
204 Viticulture Farm Advisor – Madera, Merced and Mariposa Counties Battany, Mark 23
205 Fresno-Madera Livestock Natural Resource Becchetti, Theresa 1
206 San Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz Livestock-Range Advisor Becchetti, Theresa 13
207 Orchard Systems Advisor - Pomology Borba, John 2
208 Elkus Ranch Director/Youth Development Advisor Johns, Marilyn 8
209 Nutrition Family Consumer Science Advisor (Southern Central Coast - San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties) Enfield, Richard 5
210 Area IPM Advisor Northern San Joaquin Valley Varela, Lucia 3
211 Area IPM Advisor Sacramento Valley Varela, Lucia 11
212 CE Advisor, IPM Entomology Varela, Lucia 5
213 Area IPM Advisor Urban Entomology (Southern California) Varela, Lucia 4
214 Low Desert Weed Science Farm Advisor DiTomaso, Joseph 0
215 Youth, Families, and Communities Advisor (Placer/Nevada) Ingram, Roger 5
216 Area Wildlife-Human Conflicts Advisor, Northern California Varela, Lucia 7
217 Area Wildlife-Human Conflicts Advisor - Southern California Varela, Lucia 8
218 Citrus, Olive, and Deciduous Fruit Farm Advisor Mueller, Shannon 7
219 Viticulture Advisor - Kern County Borba, John 24
220 Agronomy Advisor - Colusa, Sutter and Yuba Counties Greer, Christopher 11
221 Area UCCE Dairy Advisor - Tulare and Kern Counties Sullins, Jim 10
222 Area 4-H Youth Development Advisor Sullins, Jim 5
223 Regional Weed Science Farm Advisor for Environmental Horticulture DiTomaso, Joseph 2
224 4-H Youth Development Advisor - Colusa, Sutter and Yuba Counties Greer, Christopher 4
225 Dairy Advisor Fresno and Madera Counties Mueller, Shannon 4
226 Natural Habitat Restoration and Education Advisor Mellano, Valerie 5
227 Viticulture Farm Advisor – Tulare, Kings and Kern Counties Battany, Mark 3
228 Urban Agriculture Advisor/Food Systems/ County Director—Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Farfan-Ramirez, Lucrecia 7
229 Ventura/Santa Barbara Livestock/Range/Natural Resources Advisor Barry, Sheila 39
230 Nutrition, Families, and Consumer Sciences Advisor-Fresno and Madera Counties Wooten Swanson, Patti 7
231 Viticulture Farm Advisor for Solano, Yolo and Sacramento Counties Doran, Morgan 13
232 Weed Ecology and Cropping Systems Advisor Lile, David 4
233 Desert Livestock Advisor Bali, Khaled 0
234 Water Resources Advisor - Colusa, Sutter and Yuba Counties Greer, Christopher 11
235 Sustainable Orchard Systems Advisor for Almonds and Olives Krueger, William 15
236 Small Farms/ Organic Production Systems Advisor Doran, Morgan 22

Specialist Position Proposals

Position Name Author Comments
011 CE Specialist in Air Quality Buchanan, Bob 3
014 Animal Grazing Systems Specialist MacDonald, James 5
022 CE Specialist in Bioenergy Systems Engineering MacDonald, James 0
025 CE Specialist in Irrigation Systems Engineering MacDonald, James 8
026 Mechanical Systems Engineering Specialist MacDonald, James 3
027 CE Specialist in Postharvest Systems Engineering MacDonald, James 39
033 Fruit Pathology Specialist MacDonald, James 7
034 Cooperative Extension Forest Health Specialist Stewart, William 6
035 Environmental Toxicology Specialist MacDonald, James 0
038 Dairy Cattle Health Economist Atwill, Edward 1
041 CE Specialist in Agriculture, Energy and the Environment Buchanan, Bob 0
045 CE Specialist in Environmental Justice at the Metropolitan Edge Buchanan, Bob 1
051 Grain Cropping Systems Specialist MacDonald, James 4
058 Land Use and Transportation Coordination Specialist MacDonald, James 0
065 Maternal and Childhood Nutrition Specialist MacDonald, James 2
073 Nutrient and Waste Management Specialist MacDonald, James 6
081 Orchard Systems Ecology Specialist MacDonald, James 19
088 Postharvest Biology and Physiology Specialist MacDonald, James 2
096 Public Policy Specialist MacDonald, James 12
106 Small-to-Industry Scale Poultry Management Systems Specialist MacDonald, James 28
107 Social Network and Media Specialist MacDonald, James 2
108 Terrestrial Wildlife & Habitat Management & Conservation Specialist MacDonald, James 3
109 Specialist in Wetlands & Wildlife MacDonald, James 1
117 Urban Landscape Ecology Specialist MacDonald, James 1
118 Urban Landscape Entomology Specialist MacDonald, James 1
122 Vegetable Production Systems Specialist MacDonald, James 4
135 Wildlife Ecosystem Health Specialist Atwill, Edward 1
237 Evaluation Specialist Campbell, Dave 0
238 Rangeland Specialist MacDonald, James 4
239 Rice Specialist MacDonald, James 0
240 Dairy Management Specialist MacDonald, James 8
241 Grape and Wine Economics Specialist MacDonald, James 5
242 Livestock, Rangeland, Ecosystem Economics Specialist MacDonald, James 7
243 Metropolitan Agriculture and Food Systems Getz, Christy 7
244 Air Quality Specialist MacDonald, James 4
245 Winegrape Viticulture Specialist MacDonald, James 20
246 CE Specialist in Aquatic Weed Management (100% CE) DiTomaso, Joseph 1
247 CE Specialist in Vegetable and Horticultural Crop Production DiTomaso, Joseph 0
248 Youth & Small Holder Sheep Goats & Swine Health & Food Safety Specialist Atwill, Edward 4
249 Local Food Systems & Direct Marketing Operations Food Safety Specialist Atwill, Edward 0
250 Apiculture Specialist MacDonald, James 56
251 Floriculture and Nursery Entomology Specialist MacDonald, James 1
252 Management of Arthropod Vectors of Plant Disease Specialist MacDonald, James 5
253 CE Specialist in Veterinary Entomology Atwill, Edward 0
254 Agricultural Application Engineering CE Specialist Niederholzer, Franz 8
255 Perennial Crops Nematology Specialist (85% CE/15% AES) Holt, Jodie 40
256 Orchard Crop Extension Entomologist : 40% OR / 60% CE Holt, Jodie 10
257 Food Processing and Packaging Specialist MacDonald, James 0
258 CE Specialist in Vegetable Crop Pathology Holt, Jodie 3
259 Plant Conservation CE Specialist Holt, Jodie 4
260 Citrus Horticulture CE Specialist Lindcove Research and Extension Center Grafton-Cardwell, Elizabeth 8
261 Grain Legume-New Crop Systems Specialist Putnam, Daniel 6
262 Mosquito Control Specialist Atwill, Edward 27
263 Cooperative Extension Viticulture Specialist with Winegrape Specialization Based at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo Enfield, Richard 9
264 CE Specialist in Rangeland Soils Buchanan, Bob 4
265 CE Specialist in Water Resources and Climate Change Adaptation Buchanan, Bob 4
Forest Products and Woody Biomass Specialist Shelly,, John 0
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