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2014 New Call for Positions

2014 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2014 cycle.

Position Details

043 Area Water Management Advisor

Proposed Location/Housing

Tulare County

Proposed Area of Coverage

Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Madera Counties


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Water is a limiting factor in California agriculture and has to be managed effectively. Recent droughts has certainly worsened the issue but even in normal rain years we still have to help growers develop and use more efficient irrigation system. This position will be very important in the Central San Joaquin Valley agriculture. I strongly encourage you to fill this position..
Posted Jul 10, 2014 2:49 PM by Gary Obenauf
On behalf of the Dairy Quality Assurance Workgroup the following comments are provided:
The workgroup identifies the Area Water Management Advisor with cross county responsibilities in Tulare, Fresno, Kings, and Madera Counties as a high priority position. ANR has HUGE holes in the area of irrigation water management. This is California! We desperately need individuals with expert knowledge of soil–plant–water relations, irrigation systems, irrigation water management, and soil salinity management. These are our issues. The incumbent would address water-related issues such as irrigation water management, plant-water relations, water management under drought conditions, groundwater nitrate problems including dairy nutrient management issues, and management of irrigation systems. The individual will have to work as part of a regional and statewide team in concert with agronomic and natural resource Advisors, complementing each other's skills. Many of the position’s duties will be with agronomic water management. Duties will also include urban water use (effective interaction with the Master Gardner program. The Water Management Advisor is critical for the future success of the California Dairy industry. Please see discussions in other positions on the importance of the California Dairy industry to the state of California (Irrigation Water Management Specialist). An Area Water Management Advisor will fill a large void in our ANR system. The individual will have a natural, logical connection to the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program’s Environmental Stewardship module. Drought and climate change will alter the landscape of the San Joaquin Valley. As long as agriculture is present, a vibrant dairy industry is needed so cattle may consume by-products (almond hulls, cottonseed meal, distillers grains, wheat bran, cull produce, cull fruit, citrus pulp, etc.) thereby improving profitability of many farming operations by selling waste as feed. Absent the cows, these waste streams may yield reduced revenue or worst case scenario may require costs for disposal. Suffice to say, irrigation water is like a pint of blood. If it’s not there when you need it, odds are you may not ever need it again. Clearly, the future of California agriculture depends on availability of water and our ability to use our water resources wisely.
Posted Jul 19, 2014 2:58 PM by Deanne Meyer
The California Dairy Research Foundation supports the Area Water Management Advisor with cross county responsibilities in Tulare, Fresno, Kings, and Madera Counties as a high priority position. Currently UC - ANR has HUGE holes in the area of irrigation water management. Water management is and will continue to be critical to the viability of all of agriculture including the California dairy industry. As a base funder of the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program, CDRF has been partnering with the University of California Cooperative Extension in supporting dairy producers in environmental stewardship and understands the dire need for additional expertise in the water management area. Water management is integral to every aspect of the dairy operation from cooling milk to applying manure to forage crops and everything in between. As water resources continue to tighten, improved technologies and management practices in all aspects of water management will be key to the dairy industry’s continued success. The ability to balance water availability with water use within agriculture as well as urban uses will only continue to grow in importance. This advisor with expertise in this area that could conduct a robust research and education program would be a welcome and much needed addition to the team working to support dairy producer understanding and implementation of improved water and nutrient management practices.
Posted Jul 21, 2014 3:57 PM by Gonca Pasin, RD, PhD
General comment on 2014 ANR call for water positions

043 Area Water Management Advisor (UCCE Tulare Co., ANR)
091 Irrigation Water Management Specialist (KARE, ANR)
103 Plant Water Relations Specialist (KARE, UC Riverside)
114 Soil-plant-water relations and Irrigation Management Specialist (LAWR, UC Davis)
090 Irrigation Engineer Specialist (LAWR, UC Davis)
088 Ground Water Quality Specialist (LAWR, UC Davis)

The California Tree Nut & Extension Planning Group, representing the almond, pistachio and walnut industries support the continued and increased presence of ANR in the area of water and irrigation management. Surface and ground water quantity and quality issues and more precision in irrigation are critical now and certainly will be more so in the future. This is submitted to encourage ANR, UC Davis and UC Riverside to coordinate water positions with the following comments for consideration.

Positions 043, 091,103, 114, and 090 – With the retirements of Dave Goldhamer, Terry Prichard and Larry Schwankl, there is a critical need to fill water and irrigation management positions to at least address these vacancies. But beyond just replacing the “status quo”, there is even a wider array of skill sets and coordination needed to respond to the challenges. In coordinating positions, a number of important principles should be considered. These include: 1) There needs to be complimentary skillsets and expertise across the plant, soil, water continuum in concert with system engineering/precision agriculture; 2) There needs to be coordination across both the skillsets and UC entities involved; and 3) Geographic placement and engagement with stakeholders will be important – for instance, given the acuity of surface and groundwater problems in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, there should be a presence at KARE.

Position 088 – Certainly groundwater quality issues are and will continue to be critical. In reading this position proposal, we are unclear on: 1) How much would this position duplicate the expertise already at UCD; and 2) How much will this position be policy/regulatory oriented vs. hands-on problem solving - in our view, problem solving has a higher priority than policy/regulatory. With the current Irrigated Land Regulatory Program there is a requirement to the grower coalitions to research which management practices reduce the potential for crop inputs, in particular nitrogen, to leach into ground water. The regulators are also trying to figure out how to limit salt leaching, which is critical to maintaining the health of the agronomic soils. Thus there is a need for the practical problem solving aspect as to how best to minimize leaching within the current Central Valley agronomic systems.

Posted Jul 21, 2014 5:46 PM by Bob Curtis

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