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2016 Call for Positions

On December 14, 2016 UC ANR Vice President Humiston announced the the release of 26 CE positions from the 2016 call for a new round of hiring over the next two years. This new release continues the commitment for hiring to exceed projected turnover, thus achieving the goal of academic growth. And, as funding becomes available, UC ANR will consider additional positions.

2016 approved CE positions

January 12, 2016 solicited proposals for Cooperative Extension (CE) advisor and specialist positions in the ANR Update. The call identified positions for strengthening and expanding the UC ANR network to address programmatic gaps and emerging needs. Below this public webpage displays all 138 new CE position proposals (there is a search tool to assist in finding proposals).

The online submittal process was open from January 12 – May 5 (5:00 PM) to allow as much time as possible for internal consultation and external input from UC ANR stakeholders in all program areas. Submissions were accepted from the following official submitter groups:

The Review Phase was completed May 5 – August 1. All proposals were reviewed. The program area and unit reviews were conducted by the Program Teams; geographic groups of County/Multicounty Partnership and Research and Extension Center Directors, and the UC ANR affiliated colleges and school. These groups prioritized and provided rationale for the position proposals under their purview. This input was used to inform UC ANR Program Council’s recommendations and ultimately the UC ANR Vice President’s decisions. More information about the review process is available in the review orientation.

The public comment period was open Jan. 12 through July 11, 2016. Comments can be viewed by clicking the position links below. Comments were reviewed by the review groups, Program Council and the Vice President.

Relevant documents:

If you have any questions, contact Katherine Webb-Martinez at (510) 987-0029 or


2016 URS Call for Positions

This proposal has been formally submitted for the 2016 cycle.

Position Details

037 Area Rice Farming Systems Advisor - Butte & Glenn Counties

The Area Rice Farming Systems Advisor will focus on the agronomic, pest management, post-harvest, or other closely related fields of rice farming systems in Butte and Glenn counties. The candidate is expected to have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in plant sciences, agronomy, pest management or other closely related discipline and excellent written and oral communication skills. Demonstrated ability in the areas of applied agricultural research and extension are desirable. The Advisor will be headquartered in Butte County and administratively responsible to the Butte County Director.

Proposed Location/Housing

Butte County CE Oroville, CA

Proposed Area of Coverage

Butte and Glenn Counties


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As Vice-Chairman of the Glenn County Board of Supervisors it is essential that we have an area Rice Farming Systems Advisor. In 2014 (last available crop report) rice was the 3rd most valuable commodity in Glenn County. In the past rice was the number 1 commodity. Due to the drought conditions the last few years less water was available which had a significant impact on the rice acreage planted. Almonds and walnuts are the number one and two crops. This year more water is available. A Rice Farming Systems Advisor for Butte and Glenn Counties will greatly enhance our farmers’ abilities to again put rice as the number 1 commodity. Therefore I highly urge that this position be funded and filled with a qualified applicant as soon as possible.
Posted Jun 9, 2016 9:50 AM by Keith Corum
The department of Plant Sciences at the UCD campus is highly supportive of the proposed new farm advisor for rice in the Butte/Glenn counties. Over the years, a very productive collaboration has been developed between the AES faculty in our and other departments (Land Air & Water Resource, Plant Pathology, Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology) active in rice. There is a strong collaboration between farm advisors, CE faculty and the AES faculty in the rice industry. In combination with the strong financial support for research and extension activities provided by the rice industry, it is often used as postcard example of how UC in general and AES/CE in particular interacts and works effectively with a commodity group.
The rice industry in California has been on the forefront on combining agricultural production with environmental service, land stewardship and environmental sustainability. Numerous examples can be mentioned that support this statement such as the integration of wildlife with rice production, the installation of holding ponds to reduce water contamination and the reduction of greenhouse gases, among others. For all these activities, a strong continuum encompassing AES, CE, and the input of Farm Advisors was key to its successes. The input and support of the rice Farm Advisor in Butte and Glenn Counties is crucial to make such proactive activities a success.
Posted Jun 9, 2016 4:56 PM by Chris van Kessel
On behalf of the states 2500 rice farmers and 40 marketing organizations, I offer the strongest possible recommendation that the ANR position of rice advisor in Butte and Glenn counties be filled in the 2017-18 cycle.

The last several years of drought, pest pressure and increases in water quality, water use and climate change regulations make filling this position critical to not only the rice industry but to the State.

As the crucial link between the basic research and the grower, the rice advisory position at UCCE is the first place we turn when the industry has a difficult challenge. In the last several years examples include water use efficiency, arsenic mitigation, greenhouse gas emissions and last year a huge outbreak of army worm that threatened to devastate our crop in Butte and Glenn counties.

Looking forward we are relying heavily on our farm advisors to assist us with combating the spread of red rice, the worst weed pest in U.S. rice production, help control winged-water primrose and improve nitrogen use efficiency in rice.

Any vacancy in this position will leave our growers and the communities of the Sacramento Valley at risk for significant negative impacts that will affect economies and the environment.

I urge you to not delay and fill the position of rice advisor in Butte and Glenn county in 2017-18

Tim Johnson
President & CEO
CA Rice Commission
Posted Jun 23, 2016 11:56 AM by Tim Johnson - CEO CA Rice Commission
On behalf of the California Rice Research Board, I want to add my vigorous recommendation that the ANR rice advisor position in Butte and Glenn counties be filled in the 2017-18 cycle.

The rice industry in California has been successful because of dedicated, future-focused rice producers and a UCCE team that has supported them. Without this support we would not have been able to meet the challenges of the past. Without a skilled, multi-disciplinary team to tackle the cultural, regulatory, environmental and pest problems we face, the industry could be in decline.

As the UC system moves toward more basic research, it is vital to have farm advisors in place to analyze the problems and work out solutions. A vacancy in this position will not only leave Butte and Glenn counties without an essential resource, but it will leave a gap in our rice advisor team. We rely on the specialization of each rice advisor to have sufficient knowledge to deal with industry needs.

In just the last few years the rice advisors have developed recommendations for N, P, and K with supporting on-line tools, revised a leaf color chart for the latest varieties and to assist with regulatory challenges, worked on an unprecedented army worm outbreak, and informed growers about the noxious weed winged-water primrose. Even as I write this, the rice advisor team is formulating a research project to tackle a red rice outbreak.

The bottom line is this. The California Rice industry spends over three million dollars each year on research. We must have the right people in place to carry out the research needs of the industry and transfer the knowledge gained by that research to producers. UCCE rice advisors are the right people. The rice advisor position for Butte and Glenn counties is vital for the rice industry. We have far too many challenges facing us to leave this position vacant. I urge you to fil the position without delay.

Dana Dickey
Executive Director
Rice Research Board
Posted Jun 28, 2016 5:04 PM by Dana Dickey
The birthplace and heart of the California Rice Industry is located here in Butte County at the grower owned and funded Rice Experiment Station (RES). This 104 year old institution is the rice breeding and research focal point for California rice that includes a strong cooperative effort by the UC Cooperative Extension and UC Davis. As a part of this collaborative effort, the Butte County Farm Advisor is engaged here at RES in rice research studies, participates in taskforce groups and committees, served as UC liaison on our Board of Directors, and conducts outreach activities to support both Butte County and the California rice growing regions. The contribution of the UC Farm advisors has been instrumental in the successful delivery of rice varieties with management technology to California rice growers allowing them to produce some of the world’s highest commercial yields combined with high market quality. Not surprisingly, many of the challenges that face the California rice industry are most frequently encountered here in Butte County (e.g. diseases, introduced weed pests, organic production, and regulatory restrictions) and having the Butte Country Advisor in the area quickly brings expertise to the challenge that serves both the local area and the industry as a whole. This advisor would be located close to a diverse cluster of members of the industry including SunWest Milling, Far West Rice, Inc., Lundberg Family Farms, Butte Country Rice Growers, Richvale, Western, and Biggs Gridley Irrigation Districts, California State University Chico, Helena Chemical, and RES.
It is a critical position and the California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, Inc. and the Rice Experiment Station strongly encourage ANR to fill the rice advisor position with a minimal delay in the 2017-18 cycle.
Kent S. McKenzie
Director & Plant Breeder
Rice Experiment Station
Posted Jun 29, 2016 5:02 PM by Kent S. McKenzie
I am one of those 2500 rice growers who depends on the Rice Advisors every year for guidance on the plethora of issues we face. Whether it is blast, army worm, new varietial selection or fertilizer rates, I turn to the trusted Advisors because of their expertise. As an industry we are now faced with a red rice outbreak threatening the quality of our rice, water quality issues from pesticides, new proposed water quality regulations, weed resistance to herbicides while our advisor staffing levels have diminished. In order for our industry to continue to work proactively to address these challenges we need this position added. I have been very proud of the collaborative effort of the university research scientists, UCCE, the Rice Experiment Station and the farming community. I believe we have been on the proactive side of most issues because of the efforts by all to resolve most problems before they are out of control. In order to continue such an effort it is imperative that we add the new Rice Advisor position. Thank you for you consideration of the very important position to the California rice industry. We appreciate you support!
Posted Jul 12, 2016 2:49 PM by Donald Bransford

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