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Almond Board California/UC ANR Spray Technology Grants

To download the application for the Almond Board California/UC ANR Spray Technology Grant Program click here.

To download the RFP for the Almond Board California/UC ANR Spray Technology Grant Program click here.



In partnership with the Almond Board of California, UC ANR requests proposals to fund research aimed at improving spray application practices in almonds.  Areas of focus considered in the Request for Proposals include:

  • Improving spray coverage and therefore efficacy.Two priority targets in this area are: 1) hullsplit sprays for navel orangeworm - getting active ingredient to the target site, which is the opening sutures of the almond fruit that is splitting; and 2) obtaining sufficient deposition above 12 feet in the tree canopy.
  • Minimizing off-target drift beyond tree canopies and the orchard perimeter.
  • Developing spray drift data to refine the spray drift assumptions for airblast sprayers in perennial cropping systems used in pesticide regulatory processes.


Favorable consideration will be given to proposals that address all points above. In light of this, funded proposals can be part of a program that leverages funding from other sources to develop a comprehensive effort.

 Award details

Up to $70,000 is available to fund one or more proposals in this research area. Proposals will be selected for funding no later than September 30, 2019. All funds must be expended by June 30, 2020. Funds will be available upon notification of a successful proposal. No extensions will be granted.

Proposal submission

To submit your proposal, please complete the application, using the provided format, and submit it though your ANR Portal no later than September 6, 2019.  If you do not have a email address for the submission site, please contact Melanie Caruso for access to the system. You can also download additional application forms and additional copies of the RFP on the submission website.

Awardee expectations

Projects supported under this agreement will comply with the following Almond Board reporting requirements:

  • Project Leader will provide an electronic annual report, due in January 2020, followed by a final report 90 days after the award end date. The final report will be made available to the public through electronic distribution and/or the Almond Board website.
  • Project Leader will provide a one-page summary of the project based on a template provided by the Almond Board. This will be included in the Research Update for the Almond Industry Conference. This is customarily due in October. If October 2019 is determined to be too soon to submit something substantial, the one-page summary will be due in May 2020 or upon submission of the final report, whichever is sooner.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, Project Leader will attend and participate in the Annual Almond Industry Conference, by hosting a poster exhibit, and may be asked to give a short presentation. An electronic version of the poster exhibit shall be submitted to the Almond Board of California which will be posted on the ABC website.

Publications including posters and abstracts, press releases, or any other publicity regarding the results of research, may be released by ANR, the researchers, or the Almond Board after due notice to the other; therefore, please send copies of manuscripts, final publications, and publicity produced in part due to funding under this Agreement to the ABC for our review and files.  Credit and recognition must be given provided that full responsibility is assumed by either party for any statements on which there is a difference of opinion.

For submission assistance please contact Melanie Caruso, UC ANR Research Administrator II.

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