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ANR Competitive & High Risk/High Reward Grants 2011-2017 Funded Projects

Beginning in 2011 and through 2017 the ANR Competitive and High Risk/High Reward Grants programs funded 79 projects for a total investment of roughly $15 million dollars.

Through the ANR Competitive Grants Program, ANR invested in short-term, high-impact research, education and outreach projects that address high-priority issues consistent with the ANR Strategic Vision; encourage collaboration among academics from diverse disciplines and across initiatives; strengthen the research-extension network and demonstrate relevance and likelihood of impact on significant agricultural, economic, environmental and social issues in California and beyond.

Given the complexity of societal problems, high-risk research is necessary to achieve gains for real progress in addressing present and emerging challenges. The ANR High Risk/High Reward Grants Program provides funds to initiate and complete research and proof-of-concept efforts that serve as the basis for larger funding opportunities.

We invite you to view the projects funded by both grant programs here:


2011 Funded Projects    21 projects ANR Competitive Grants

2012 Funded Projects    16 projects ANR Competitive Grants

2013 Funded Projects    15 projects ANR Competitive Grants

2015 Funded Projects    17 projects ANR Competitive Grants

2017 Funded Projects    12 projects ANR Competitive & High Risk-High Reward Grants




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