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Food Safety

Summary This workgroup focuses on consumer information and education in food safety areas including home food preparation. Additionally safe food handling education is provided for commercial food handlers and ANR staff and volunteers involved with University of California programs. Conferences provide a venue for the exchange of science-based information on food safety issues in California as well as development of strategies to maintain or enhance food safety. Publications related to food safety and safe handling are available through ANR. Courses in food preservation for the public are provided by Master Food Preservers. Courses for those starting a specialty food business are available through University Extension. Applied research projects relate to consumer safe food handling, and communication strategies to enhance public understanding of food safety aspects of agricultural production and food processing technologies.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Linda Harris (Chair)
Phone (530) 754-9485
Unit: Food Science & Technology
Location: One Shields Avenue
Davis, 95616-5270
Membership List
Bruhn, John Food Science & Technology
  Retired, Dairy bacteriology, dairy chemistry, processing of dairy foods
AES Scientist
Blackburn, Mary Alameda County
  Family   Consumer Sciences   Health & Nutrition Advisor Family and consumer sciences, EFNEP and FSNEP
(info only) Cullor, James Population Health & Reproduction
  Professor and Director UC Davis Dairy Food Safety Laboratory Bovine mastitis, neonatal Immunology and defense mechanisms of the accessory system
CE Advisor
Chin Young, Jane Napa County
  Advisor Emeritus
Collins, Margaret Mariposa County
  Nutrition Family & Consumer Science Advisor
Donohue, Susan Butte County
  Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor, Emeritus Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences, Food Safety
Farfan-Ramirez, Lucrecia Alameda County
  Emeritus Community health and nutrition, youth nutrition
Ganthavorn, Chutima Riverside County
  Nutrition Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor
Johns, Margaret Kern County
  Nutrition Family Consumer Science Advisor, Emeritus (Retired)
(info only) Junge, Sharon Program Council
  Interim State 4-H Director Youth Development
Klenk, Marciel Napa County
  Emeritus, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Advisor
Lamp, Cathi Tulare County
  Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor , Emeritus Nutrition, food safety, food access, nutrition education, nutrition monitoring
Martin, Anna San Joaquin County
  Nutrition   Family   Consumer Sciences Advisor Community Nutrition Education
Metz, Diane Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Emeritus Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Advisor, Yolo and Solano Counties Administration, human nutrition general, childhood obesity and health promotion, food security, food safety and home Food Preservation, Human and Family Relationships and Consumer Science. Also, Community Development and Leader Development.
(info only) Nicholson, Yvonne Sacramento County
  Nutrition, Family, & Consumer Sciences Advisor and Interim County Director - University Multicultural dietary food practices, resource management
Nolan, Kathleen Santa Cruz County
  Program Manager Nutrition Education, Health Promotion
Peterson, Shirley San Luis Obispo County
  Advisor Emeritus Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Nutrition, food safety, & consumer economics.
Schneider, Constance Nutrition
  Youth, Families, and Communities Director Nutrition, Social Marketing, Obesity, Marketing, Administration, Evaluation
Smith, Dorothy Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Nutrition Family and Consumer Science Advisor El Dorado/Amador /Calaveras /Tuolumne Counties Nutrition
(info only) Sutherlin, Jeanette Fresno County
  Administration and Management, Emeritus Administration and Management - Emeritus
(info only) Tapia-Thomsen, Wanda Sonoma County
(info only) Valdez, Isela Colusa County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Youth development programs
Wooten Swanson, Patti San Diego County
  Nutrition,  Family, and  Consumer Science Advisor - Emeritus Family Resource Management, Nutrition and Health, Food Safety, Adult Education
CE Specialist
Barrett, Diane Food Science & Technology
  CE Specialist Fruit and vegetable quality as affected by handling, storage, and processing conditions; role of enzymes in flavor, texture, and color
Bruhn, Christine Food Science & Technology
   CE Food Marketing Specialist Emerita   Center for Consumer Research Research and education focused on consumer attitudes toward food safety, quality, and wholesomeness, food labels, and new production and processing technologies
DiCaprio, Erin Food Science & Technology
  Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension Food Safety
Harris, Linda Food Science & Technology
  CE Specialist-Food Safety   Microbiology Microbial food safety throughout the food chain with a focus on the microbiology of fresh fruits and vegetables and tree nuts.
(info only) Klingborg, Donald Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Associate Dean for Extension, School of Veterinary Medicine and Director, ANR Strategic Advocacy & UC - County Partnerships Agroterrorism, Food safety, Food Animal Residue Avoidance, Dairy Production, Infectious Diseases, Zoonoses
(info only) Lemaux, Peggy Plant & Microbial Biology
  CE Specialist Interests in using genetic and genomic technologies to improve agricultural crops, using various ‘omic tools to understand abiotic and biotic stresses and nutritional characteristics. Also interests in developing educational resources related to agriculture and food, for varied audiences. Lead faculty for CLEAR, a grad student and postdoc group, developing effective strategies for communicating science to a broad public audience.
(info only) Oltjen, James Animal Science
  CE Specialist Computer decision support software; beef quality assurance; standardized performance analysis for cattle and sheep ranches. Animal management systems; resource use in animal agriculture; beef cattle growth.
(info only) Suslow, Trevor Department of Plant Sciences
  Extension Research Specialist Preharvest to Postharvest Microbial food safety systems,postharvest transportation, Postharvest pathology
(info only) Winter, Carl Food Science & Technology
  CE Food Toxicologist Pesticide residues in foods, including analysis, risk assessment, regulation, public policy, development of bioanalytical methods using mass spectrometry to measure xenobiotic metabolites from biological fluids; development of biomarkers for in vivo peroxidation; toxicology of naturally-occurring metabolites
Other ANR
(info only) Donaldson, Jenny San Joaquin County
  Program Representative II Nutrition for low-income families; food resource management, food safety
(info only) Gillespie, Jan Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
  EFNEP and UC CalFresh Nutrition Supervisor
(info only) Mitchell, Rita Nutrition
  Staff Research Associate Curriculum development and staff training
Tom, Pamela Food Science & Technology
  Program Manager Seafood HACCP, safety, quality and processing
(info only) Warnert, Jeannette Communication Services and Information Technology
  Communications Specialist Writing
Membership Totals
Number of Members37
ANR Members37
Info Only15
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