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Dairy Goats

Summary The Dairy Goat Workgroup consists of UCCE Specialists, Advisors and Faculty working to coordinate research and extension activities such as workshops that benefit the dairy goat industry in California. This rapidly growing segment of the dairy industry is producing fresh milk, dried milk, cheeses of many kinds, and yogurt for consumers throughout the nation.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Leslie Butler (Chair)
Phone (530) 752-3681
Unit: Agricultural & Resource Economics
Location: Agricultural & Resource Economics
One Shields Avenue
2117 SS&H
Davis, 95616-8512
Membership List
Berry, Steven Animal Science
  CE Specialist Emeritus Dairy management and health; hoof health and lameness in dairy cattle; management , cow comfort and welfare.
Bruhn, John Food Science & Technology
  Retired, Dairy bacteriology, dairy chemistry, processing of dairy foods
Castillo, Alejandro Merced County
  Farm Advisor   Dairy Science - Emeritus Ruminants Nutrition
AES Scientist
DePeters, Edward Animal Science
  Professor Ruminant nutrition of dairy cattle; mammary gland synthesis of milk protein and fat; nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism; evaluation of by-product feedstuffs and forage quality.
Maga, Elizabeth Animal Science
  Research Biologist Transgenic animals; targeted transgene insertion; efficiency of producing transgenic animals; modifying milk; molecular biology.
Murray, James Animal Science
  Professor and Dept Chair Use of transgenic animals to study gene expression during growth and differentiation, with particular emphasis on post-natal growth and lipid metabolism; genetic engineering of dairy animals to change the properties of milk for human consumption; molecular genetics; cytogenetics; equine genetics.
Rowe, Joan Population Health & Reproduction
  Professor Livestock health, especially dairy cattle and dairy goats clinical epidemiology
CE Advisor
Heguy, Jennifer Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor Dairy - Merced, Stanislaus & San Joaquin Counties
Higginbotham, Gerald Madera County
  Dairy Farm Advisor Dairy nutrition and management; silage management
Peterson, Nyles San Bernardino County
  County Director & Cooperative Extension Advisor - Dairy Dairy management, waste management, milk quality and milking management
CE Specialist
Butler, Leslie Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension Dairy Production, Marketing and Policy, Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy, Biotechnology, Technological Change, Public Policy Issues
Collar, Carol Veterinary Medicine Extension
  CE Specialist Dairy, livestock and forage
Klonsky, Karen Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Emerita Farm Management and Production, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture
Robinson, Peter Animal Science
  CE Specialist On-farm animal management systems; on-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
Other ANR
Livingston, Pete Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Staff Research Associate Cost Production Studies
Non-UC, sartyrknit, cadhia
Other UC
Carlson, Jan
  Vet School Technician
Membership Totals
Number of Members18
ANR Members16
Info Only0
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