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Families with Young Children

Summary Research and extend best practices in parenting education programs, focusing on programs that are culturally appropriate to address the needs of California's diverse population.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Lenna Ontai (Co-Chair)
Phone (530) 752-6410
Unit: Human & Community Development
Location: Human & Community Development
One Shields Avenue
1309 Hart Hall
Davis, 95616-8523
Name Drusilla Rosales (Co-Chair)
Phone (626) 586-1948
Unit: Orange County - UC Cooperative Extension
Membership List
CE Advisor
Horowitz, Marcel Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Healthy Youth, Families, & Communities Advisor Youth Health Education
Horrillo, Shannon Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  Statewide 4-H Director Program Administration, Positive Youth Development, College and Career Readiness, Adolescent Development, Evaluation
Lamp, Cathi Tulare County
  Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor , Emeritus Nutrition, food safety, food access, nutrition education, nutrition monitoring
Manglallan, Sue San Diego County
  4-H Youth and Family Development Advisor, Emeritis Volunteer management, leadership development, nonformal education, curriculum development, school-age child care, early literacy and school readiness, parenting, brain development in young children, youth at risk
Rosales, Drusilla Orange County - UC Cooperative Extension
  Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor
Spezzano, Theresa Merced County
  Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science Advisor Maternal and Child Nutrition
CE Specialist
Ontai, Lenna Human & Community Development
  Family and Early Childhood Specialist parent-child interactions; parenting; early socialization; parenting and child feeding
Other ANR
Grajales-Hall, Myriam Communication Services and Information Technology
  Communications Manager
Panarella, Katie Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  Director, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Program & Policy EFNEP, Master Food Preserver Program
Other UC
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Membership Totals
Number of Members12
ANR Members12
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